What the Elle? Melissa McCarthy is Wearing an "Over-Sized" Coat!

Missy McCarthy Elle

What the Elle?  I sat down today to relax, watch some TV with my son, and troll social media with my phone (my Saturday morning multitasking).  As I'm searching through Facebook posts about other people's kids, their vacations, workouts, motivational quotes and birthdays (sorry, I missed some this week, Happy Birthday) I came across a story that gave me pause.  The story was about Melissa McCarthy and her cover photo on Elle magazine.

Before we go any further let me repeat, her COVER PHOTO on Elle magazine.  The story is about the "controversy" surrounding the clothing choice the stylists made for her "plus-sized" figure and not the fact that she is on the cover of a popular magazine for an article about Women in Hollywood.

Melissa looks beautiful, stylish, and happy and people are upset over the fact that she is photographed in an over-sized coat.  The coat, by the way, (says the story) is trending right now.  The story also indicates that the stylists from Elle, worked with the subject (Melissa) on what she would like and would feel comfortable in for the picture.  Again, for the picture that is on the cover of Elle about Women in Hollywood!

Melissa grew up in my hometown, she was a year younger than me at our high school - St. Francis Academy.  I remember she was always beautiful, stylish and happy.  It was the '80's so being stylish then meant asymmetrical hair, Limited sweaters and oversized belts.

She pulled it off then and is still pulling it off now.  We here back home, the Women in Joliet, are so excited for her and proud of her.  She is on a hit TV show, has been a part of multiple successful movies and was nominated for an Oscar.  We brag about her to anyone who will listen.  My boys laugh at me when we see her on TV as I excitedly yell out, "Hey, she went to my high school!' and I get back, "Yes mom, we know!"

But, what troubles me today as we "fans", of all shapes and sizes, sit here anonymously, behind the comfort of keyboards, decide that we need to discuss and analyze HER choice of coat.

Each time she makes another successful move, there is this need to analyze, discuss, and in some cases rudely describe her size (I won't mention any critics names, you know who you are and you know you should retire).  The "plus-sized" analysts are upset because they've been "sold out" - that's right, sold out by the big coat cover-up.  Should she have shown more skin or worn tighter clothes?  Really, what would have made you more happy?  What more could you have wanted?  She is on the cover of a popular magazine looking, in my opinion, HOT!

Elle broke through some fashion barriers and published a real sized woman.  On the other hand, the "smaller-sized" analysts are also mad because she's on the cover and she is in an oversized coat, one person said, "It looks lazy".  It is Fall - she is in an over-sized coat!  Lazy?

The sad reality of this is that we don't make the same judgments about male comedians who are "plus-sized".  We love them, we laugh with them and we support them, if we are their fans.  We as women (and men) should be supporting Melissa, congratulating her for her successes and most importantly laughing with her.  She is funny - no matter what her size or yours.

Please try to look at it this way, a real person, a funny person from a little town in the Midwest is on the cover of Elle.  She is looking awesome, being honored as a popular woman in Hollywood and apparently selling the heck out of a coat, albeit over-sized.

So, today instead of commenting your judgments perhaps switch to an on-line site and do some shopping.  While shopping may I suggest you consider an over-sized Fall coat?  I hear they are very popular right now!  Congratulations Melissa and to Elle for a beautiful cover!


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