They See Me Rollin', They Hatin' - They See Mom is Way Over 30

My oldest son Ryan is 13 years old and one of his loves is music, he's been playing guitar since 1st grade.  He lives by the words of Dave Grohl of the Foo-Fighters and doesn't understand "boy bands", most especially if they don't play their own instruments.  I've tried to explain that every generation has a "boy band" for girls to love and that even the Beatles were considered, at some point, a boy band - however, he doesn't count them as a "boy band" because they played their own instruments.

Recently we purchased a new car (well it's new to us) and much to his happiness, it has a great sound system.  The sound system also has the bonus of a hidden sub-woofer in the trunk.  That's right a sub-woofer in a Saab 9-3 just in case, oh I don't know, any of the songs I play on WLS my 70's music station, needs more bass.

Shortly after we purchased the car, Ryan and I had to run some errands.  This was a perfect opportunity for him to show me how this sound system really worked.  It's loud and since it was a beautiful summer night we had the windows down as we drove through town.  I was trying to speak to him over the Foo-Fighters which was now playing with an enormous amount of bass.  "I think this is illegal", I yelled, as I nervously looked around to see who might have pulled up next to us as we rolled to a stop at a red light.

As we sat at that red light, as if on cue, a late model 1980's Chevy Caprice with 22s and a hydraulic system rolled up next to us.  They were also employing the use of their sub-woofer.  In my excitement (and remember it's a "new to me" car) I couldn't figure out how to turn our music down and my passenger was apparently ready for an impromptu sub-woofer competition.  Suddenly, I realized they had turned down their music to hear ours!  I carefully looked over with just my eyes and notice the driver was nodding approvingly at me as if it was my idea, or song choice.  At this point I wasn't sure what to do, nod back, duck, make eye contact or don't make eye contact. Truly, I'm not schooled in sub-woofer etiquette.  Ryan, who was enjoying this far too much in my opinion, didn't miss a beat; he slid his seat back and with 13 year old swagger nodded back.

And, just like that the light turned green and our sub-woofer competition was over, I exhaled and we pulled away - in my mind with the win!


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