Laundry - Star Date 8.22.13

One of my least favorite household chores is laundry.  I think because it is never ever done.  Just when you think it is done, it begins again.  You get hit in the head with the reality as more laundry comes flying down the chute and literally lands on you!

Today was no exception, as I was so close to being completed, a whole clean and folded pile of laundry fell behind the washer.  I immediately jumped up on the washer and dryer and laid flat on my stomach as I tried desperately to reach the pile before - well, before - really I don't know what the urgency was.  Maybe the clothes would become contaminated with "behind the washing machine" germs, I was wondering the whole time if the 10 second rule would apply in this case.  Or maybe, I was worried that a fire would start with the clothes laying on the electrical outlet.  Honestly, my main concern and the reason for my graceful, 40 something, gymnastic moves to land on top of the appliances (I stuck the landing by the way) was that I did not want to have to rewash a whole clean AND FOLDED pile of escaped laundry.

However, even though I jumped and stretched for the fallen pile, my average sized arms were not long enough to reach it.  I was becoming more desperate as each second passed by me.  My youngest watched me, I think in disbelief, as I contorted myself across the washer and dryer.  He heard my pleas and my verbal disappointment in the length of my arms, he reached over and handed me his Light Saber.  This was not just any Light Saber but the supreme, light up and sound swishing Light Saber.  Now as I swept for the clothes each movement initiated the electronic "woosh", "swish" and "hum" of the saber.  It also began to light up the dark side of the washing machine with an electric green glow.  The best part is it worked!  And, I stated amidst our laughter, "Yes! This is how laundry should always be conquered with the Force behind us".

I believe that everyone should own such a Light Saber! You never know if there will be an intergalactic war in your basement during a sleepover or a rouge pile of laundry that will need to be saved.  So, today I say to all of you..."May the Snuggle be with you!"


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