Dear Cancer: I Hate You!

Cancer, I’m writing to you today to let you know that I hate you and I vehemently disagree with you.  You’ve taken people from me and continue to slowly, silently and steadily steal souls from us. I disagree with you on your approach as it is villainous, the way you sneak up on most, and surprise attack your victims.  There... Read more »

Middle Child Day - August 12th! Who Cares?

Middle Child Day is August 12th.  It is my holiday.  If you’re a middle child, it is your holiday too, I will share it with you because “middles” are great at sharing. Over the course of my lifetime I have announced my position in my life and in my family, claiming my middle child status. ... Read more »

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17: Have We Become Numb?

There were 298 victims on the tragic Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.  298 lives – athletes, babies, nuns, aids researchers, moms, dads, sisters and brothers – 298 people.  Lives that were shot out of the sky by a group that should not have had the means to do so, but they did, because sadly that is the world... Read more »

The Fault in Our Stars - Was My Fault!

The Fault in Our Stars - was my fault! A week ago I ended up at the movie The Fault in Our Stars.  It wasn’t a planned outing, it was very last minute and I was going as a favor to a group.  I actually went under a silent protest – it was during the week, it was... Read more »

Q&A with a ChicagoNow blogger: Gordon Dymowski - One Cause At A Time - In His Own Words

         I recently had the pleasure of interviewing a fellow ChicagoNow blogger Gordon Dymowski.  Gordon is a Freelace Marketing Consultant who lives in Chicago in the West Lawn Neighborhood.   The name of Gordon’s blog is One Cause At A Time. Below is my interview with Gordan and his answers are in his own words.  Explain a day in... Read more »

Letter to a New Mom: List of Advice from an "Older" Mom

The ChicagoNow moms are writing a series of letters of advice to new moms.  One of our fellow bloggers Mary Tyler Mom came up with the brilliant idea.  As you can imagine, with as many different moms there are in the world, the advice offered to the new moms here is very diverse. You might be wondering... Read more »

May 2014 Snuck Up on Me - A Warning from an 8th Grade Parent

Fourteen years ago I gave birth to my oldest child, my son Ryan. Fourteen years ago I knew this month of May 2014 would come, but never really understood how quickly.  When you are caught up in the day to day of life, time flies and years disappear. When Ryan was born, I remember feeling... Read more »

NFL - Thanks for the Memories?

Have you heard that the NFL is selling memories?  Recently, I heard on the radio, that the NFL is utilizing an Experience App to allow season ticket holders to order up what the NFL is branding as a “memory”.   Last season there were three teams that tested the app, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks and the... Read more »

Starbucks My Guilty Pleasure!

Anyone who knows me, knows my guilty pleasure is Starbuck’s coffee, it sort of borders on the lines of addiction.  No matter the time of day or where I’m headed, if I see that green Starbuck’s sign, my car pulls toward it, as if it were a magnet pulling me into the parking lot.  I... Read more »

St. Baldrick's Event Kids Saving Kids

St. Baldrick’s is a wonderful, international organization that raises money for childhood cancer.  It’s a basic, yet bold idea, where local events are held and participants also known as ”shavees” raise money to have their heads shaved.  The event not only raises money for childhood cancer but also shows solidarity with cancer victims that have lost their hair due to their... Read more »
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