Are You at Risk for a Down Syndrome Child?

Are You at Risk for a Down Syndrome Child?
Growing up with a handicapped sibling has changed my life. Knowing the responsibility first hand of raising a disabled person, I certainly did not want to bring a child with a disability into this world. It has always been a concern of mine and has affected my decision on whether or not to have children.... Read more »

What are the First Signs of a Mental Disability?

When was the first time you were aware of the fact that your sibling or child had a learning disability? Most diagnoses are around three, as was with my sister. It takes awhile to observe slow learning and to identify what is the causation of this behavior. Yet, for most of us, we suspected that... Read more »

Do You Have a Disabled Sibling?

Welcome to my new blog focusing on the issues surrounding a disabled person and how it affects the family structure. Having a disabled family member changes the dynamics of the family, forever. No one is ever properly prepared for raising a handicapped child. There are no rules to follow and every family handles the situation... Read more »
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