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Non-Legal Advice for the Creative Kid

...but I could not resist posting the pic...priceless :)
Kids put all kinds of crap in their hair.  Mine like yours are probably all guilty of something at one time or another.  Be it gum, candy, a brush or comb that becomes stuck, peanut butter, boogers, or a pair of scissors (isn’t there a barber in all of them just dying to come out?). Why? ... Read more »

Dear Principal: The Teacher Hurt My Kid's Feelings xoxo Clueless Parent

News today out of Miami-Dade County reveals a “mean ole teacher” really hurt the heart and crushed the feelings of a precious second grader.   Here is a the story in a nutshell. Poor Joshua Innocent (seems to me the kid is going to be leaning on that last name for many, many years to come); being... Read more »

Brats are Not a Hollywood Exclusive: Instructions to Create Your Very Own Nightmare

by following these fifteen easy steps you will easily earn the "I have raised a "Super Brat" Badge of your own...Wear It Proudly...Please, enjoy your prize.
Charlie Sheen thinks he is special.  I disagree.  There are a million “Charlies” out there and most can be spotted a mile away.   There is a “Charlie” clone on the lap next to you in Friday’s Mommy and Me Class.  There are more than a few of the little clowns playing at recess behind Any... Read more »