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CPS School Closures: Knowing Before Going Is For Pansies

CPS School Closures: Knowing Before Going Is For Pansies
Chances are your kid is home from school today. And, chances are you have known about said cancellation for days. My heart breaks for today’s generation.  Our kids are spoiled rotten. Everything is instant. As parents we have to know everything NOW.  And the children suffer. Thanks to Google, kids today will never know the agony of... Read more »

Snowsapalooza 2011 Activities: Ideas for the clueless parent

Ohhh, there is an idea.  Building a snowman is a perfect idea when considering what to do with a yard full of snow.  Nothing is cuter than watching your youngsters outside trying to put one of these characters together.  Again, keep your crazy ideas to yourself.  Enjoy this activity from the warmth of your front room~sipping some cocoa with a camera handy.  With most activites involving kids pictures provide memories that will last a lifetime.
I weep for today’s youth.  What fun is finding out about a snow day thanks to a district-wide robocall eighteen hours before the start of the “day in question”?  Further proof these clowns are screwed: a link on the district website with “ideas” for parents wondering what to do with these hooligans when faced with... Read more »