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CPS Strike: I'm Just Going To Go Ahead And Say What You Are Probably Thinking

Karen is the president of the Chicago Teacher Union.  Once the contract is ratified and the teachers get the raise they want they should do two things.  One...find a new rep.  And two...chip in an buy Ms. Lewis a brassiere as a parting gift.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and sadly, books are still judged by their covers.  If this is the face of the needs an overhaul along with an attitude adjustment.
What we are witnessing here is a pissing match, you know? Oh, sure it is a circus…no doubt in my mind. But there is a side show going on at the big top. And it is a pissing match. Karen Lewis meet Rahm Emanuel. Rahm, let me introduce you to Karen. FYI…take a good look... Read more »

Casinos Will Not Tarnish Illinois' Reputation...It Has Been In The Crapper For Years

The City of Big Shoulders also offers athletes with danglers the size of coconuts...and even bigger egos.  Nothing yells  "Illinois-brings-over-paid-screaming-brats-to-the-arrogance-table" more than a temper tantrum thrown courtesy of Big Z.
Governor Quinn has put his “more-than-likely-purchased-at-Payless-Shoe-Store” wing tip down. Yesterday he took to the podium with a four-hundred-page bill (no doubt splattered with grease from whatever free lunch he scored the day before) and a message. The Casino Bill as it stands is not getting his signature. And, of course, ten more minutes of the... Read more »

CPS Teachers Are Overpaid Babysitters

CPS Teachers Are Overpaid Babysitters
  I admit I was torn on the recent debate regarding the CPS teachers taking on an extra ninety minutes to make Chicago students more competitive with other learners across the country, not to mention the rest of the world. In my “pro column” I admire and respect (two words I never thought I’d utter... Read more »

20 Top Tweets from @mayoremanuel...

"Word has it the 35th has set up a miniature Tokyo and has a big Godzilla suit for me to stomp it all with. Can't fucking wait!"
Today is the day Mayor-elect Emanuel pays the piper.  A few weeks ago, he appeared on the Roe and Roeper show over on WLS AM.  After talking for a bit and answering questions posed by listeners, Roe and Roeper asked Emanuel if he followed “the fake” guy on twitter. Rahmbo laughed and asked “Are you... Read more »

Chicago Mayoral Race: Let the Freak Flags Fly

Do you follow the "fake" Rahm on twitter?  It has been the highlight for me during the campaign.  Whoever is writing the 140 characters or less tweets based on Emanuel's daily/hourly whereabouts is, in a word, hysterical.  May I also add spot-on, vulgar, and witty--you would almost swear it was Emanuel himself writing the stuff.  I cannot wait to follow tonight while I watch election returns..."alterRham" should be priceless.
  Hard to believe it has been nearly six months since Richie Daley announced he would not seek another term as Mayor of Chicago.  Even tougher to swallow are the names of characters listed on the final ballot.    These six clowns represent the BEST Chicago has to offer? I think we can all agree the... Read more »

Mayoral Bully Bashers: Three Men and a Little Lady

Mayoral Bully Bashers: Three Men and a Little Lady
    Last Monday, four of Chicago’s mayoral candidates met for a debate televised on WTTW.  To be honest, I found the platform of CPS students asking the questions a bit risky.  Could these candidates “be real” when surrounded and asked questions by a group of kids–many of whom will not be able to vote in the upcoming election?   Not... Read more »