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A Letter To Princess Kate: A Distressed Duchess In The Dumper

A Letter To Princess Kate: A Distressed Duchess In The Dumper
Dear Princess Puker Kate: While I hope this letter finds you on the mend, I must tell you I write  sincerely when I offer you some words of wisdom following your recent run-in with the morning sickness. Suck it up, Sister. Seriously, I am beginning to think this regal gestation is going to last longer than Simpson’s and... Read more »

Royally Screwed...I Still Have Burning Questions!

Did you watch any of the Royal Wedding coverage?  I’ll let you know right now I was up all night watching Charles and Diana’s festivities thirty years ago.  The following summer I was up before the sun to witness the happy parents leave the hospital with the heir. Wild royal horses could not have kept me... Read more »

William and Kate: 10 Royal Tidbits You Probably Didn't Want to Know

Not only does the happy couple share a passion for stiff drinks--they also share a favorite song--"I Like the Way you Move" by the BodyRockers.  I'd kill to be a fly on the wall April 29 as Chuck and the Monster-in-Law cha-cha-cha to this catchy little tune.
                              I remember 1981 like it was yesterday–Prince Charles and Diana Spencer’s Press Conference was supposed to be the stuff a 14 year-old girls’ dreams were made of.  I somehow felt sorry for Diana–in my humble teenage opinion, I found Prince Charles... Read more »