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Teens Do Not Come With Instructions: Lucky For Their Parents, The Brats Know Everything

This picture was drawn by my seven-year-old about nine years ago when he thought his family was the “bee’s knees”…today, he thinks we are complete idiots…the life of a parent seems like a rollercoaster when facing the “teenage years”…I hope I come out of this stage unscathed…     Part ll Discovering my once delightful child... Read more »

Raising Kids Requires Patience, Humor, and a Good Memory

Sixteen years ago I received the best advice in the form of a baby shower gift.  Inside a beautifully wrapped gift box was a gorgeous baby blanket lovingly crocheted by the wife of a co-worker.  Attached to the blanket was a note written by Earl, a sixty-something father of four, grandfather of six.  It simply said: ... Read more »