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Are Parents Responsible for Their Kids' Lack of Coping Skills?

...why not lose some sleep by figuring out creative ways like Ms. Cranberry Mermaid...I'm sure there are plenty of more ideas to be found in the book that offers a step-by-step for this baby.
I was certain that childhood, as I remembered it, was headed for the crapper about twelve years ago when I was raising my first and Caillou was all the rage over on PBS.  I could not stand that little whine-ass brat as he yapped episode after episode ”But, Mommma, I don’t waaaaaaaant to”. After what amounted to... Read more »

Catholic School...I Survived!

Today is the 33rd annual Kickoff Parade at Lincoln Elementary.  Each year the school chooses a theme.  Usually something simple–something used as a tool to guide the course of the school year.  A postcard comes home in early August tipping us off as to what outfit we should put together for the parade.   Kids... Read more »