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Aguilera's Atrocious Attempt at the Anthem: Let the Excuses Begin

Did you happen to tune into the opening moments of Super Bowl XLV Sunday?  Perhaps you had some money riding on the coin toss, wind direction, or whether Aguilera would sing the National Anthem live or lip synch it like most of the professionals do.  If you had your money riding on “live” you knew... Read more »

2010 American Music Awards: Random Thoughts and Observations

Rihanna's barely there outfit left me wondering...her funky-perfect-for-the-front-row-down-low-camera-moves had me convinced she should document them for a "how-to-dance-video".  Any lucky recipient and subsequent master of the moves would surely ensure rockstar status at their upcoming Holiday Office Party.  It's a good thing the girl can sing and dance--because when she opens her mouth to attempt stringing together a thoughtful sentence, it seems twenty pounds of stupid fall out.
I watched last night’s AMAs with very low expectations.  Like most award shows, the lower I set the bar, the greater chance I have to be entertained and enlightened.  Needless to say, the three hours of my life spent watching that I’ll never get back were actually pretty entertaining.  As a bonus, watching last night provides random... Read more »