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Chicago Area Tornado: Do You Know This Couple?

Chicago Area Tornado:  Do You Know This Couple?
Do you know this couple? A high school friend posted this picture on her Facebook Feed today. Apparently, her husband was out on the driveway in Plainfield surveying storm damage and this 8×10 glossy fell out of the sky. From the looks of it, the picture appears to be from a broken frame. Maureen would like... Read more »

Chick-fil-A: Everyone Has An Opinion

Chick-fil-A: Everyone Has An Opinion
I don’t care if you are a member of Team Adam & Eve or Team Adam & Steve. You are entitled to your opinion and the right to eat a delicious chicken sandwich where ever you choose ~ the closer to home the better. More importantly, based on the Constitution, Americans are encouraged to express... Read more »

Taking My Show On The Road

Taking My Show On The Road
Yesterday I was a “guest writer” for The Chicago 3six5 project. In a nutshell, local authors take a turn describing a day within a year in 365 words.  The project reads like a diary of love letters to Chicago. Such a task of reporting about a day in three-hundred and sixty five words is daunting.  Especially if you like to... Read more »

Overstressed...I Made A "Mutha" Of A Promise

Overstressed...I Made A "Mutha" Of A Promise
  I promised myself this summer would be different, and until Day #75 I had managed to keep my cool. Something about yesterday made me forget about my promise. Perhaps it was the fact it was Day #75 with my mom in town…or possibly this particular Sunday marked my first day off in six days…or maybe... Read more »

BREAKING...OWN Ratings Tumble...RELATED...Can A Hastily Announced 26th Season Be Next?

A friend of mine asked an interesting question last week.  “Why” she asked, “has Oprah never interviewed Mayor Daley?” I found the inquiry interesting because I am always fascinated to discover a fan of The Legend.  How can anyone still be around twenty-five years later and still fall for Oprah’s phony bullshit? Yeah, yeah, Harpo... Read more »

Perfect Pizza Prepared at Your Place...

Truth be told no one in the world makes food as good as right here in Chi-town.  We have expanding waistlines and “cankles” to prove it. Chicago Pizza ~ Is there anything better?  I do not think there is any bias involved in any Chicagoan saying NO!  Our pizza is simply the best.  Travel the... Read more »

Saint Gemma~ Please Pray for my Wretched Soul

Even Matilda cannot wipe the smile off of her face when she gets a "knee-mail" from Lilo.
An All Saints Pew~I refinished an old church pew donated from the Chicago Archdiocese and a bit of artistic help from eager third graders…this was the end result that fetched $750 during a live auction at the boys’ school.   While I would not proclaim myself a “holy roller”, it is definitely not a stretch... Read more »

Another Use for the Retractable Saw: Cutting the Parental Apron Strings

Before I had the chance to change the channel this afternoon, Allison Rosati mistakenly began broadcasting in my front room.   The voice reminds me of nails on a chalkboard, her perkiness gets on my last nerve, and the fact she never seems to have the same co-anchor twice makes me think others think like I. ... Read more »

20 Top Tweets from @mayoremanuel...

"Word has it the 35th has set up a miniature Tokyo and has a big Godzilla suit for me to stomp it all with. Can't fucking wait!"
Today is the day Mayor-elect Emanuel pays the piper.  A few weeks ago, he appeared on the Roe and Roeper show over on WLS AM.  After talking for a bit and answering questions posed by listeners, Roe and Roeper asked Emanuel if he followed “the fake” guy on twitter. Rahmbo laughed and asked “Are you... Read more »

Chicago Mayoral Race: Let the Freak Flags Fly

Do you follow the "fake" Rahm on twitter?  It has been the highlight for me during the campaign.  Whoever is writing the 140 characters or less tweets based on Emanuel's daily/hourly whereabouts is, in a word, hysterical.  May I also add spot-on, vulgar, and witty--you would almost swear it was Emanuel himself writing the stuff.  I cannot wait to follow tonight while I watch election returns..."alterRham" should be priceless.
  Hard to believe it has been nearly six months since Richie Daley announced he would not seek another term as Mayor of Chicago.  Even tougher to swallow are the names of characters listed on the final ballot.    These six clowns represent the BEST Chicago has to offer? I think we can all agree the... Read more »