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Saint Gemma~ Please Pray for my Wretched Soul

Even Matilda cannot wipe the smile off of her face when she gets a "knee-mail" from Lilo.
An All Saints Pew~I refinished an old church pew donated from the Chicago Archdiocese and a bit of artistic help from eager third graders…this was the end result that fetched $750 during a live auction at the boys’ school.   While I would not proclaim myself a “holy roller”, it is definitely not a stretch... Read more »

Blagojevich Trial Day One: Let the Freakshow Begin...

  I woke this morning with all the excitement of a child on Christmas morning.  June 3, 2010 is the day I’ve been anticipating forever–okay, not forever–but I’ve been waiting since the breaking news broke on the morning of December 9, 2008… and a couple hours later when the coiffed one made his appearance in... Read more »