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Can We Figure Out A bin Laden Story and Stick to It?

Mr. President, I have a problem…and I know you are pretty busy, but it is a big one.  After letting the news of the week digest a bit I find I have plenty of questions.  Do you mind?   Okay, first and foremost.   What gives?  I am the first to admit I have spent the... Read more »

Facebook Home Page: The White House Edition

Facebook Home Page: The White House Edition
Michelle Obama recently told the world her daughters are not allowed access to Facebook.  She and the President are making a wise choice.  There are many adults who should not be granted permission for an account.  Some people for better or worse offer far too much information…spell like a first grader…have no understanding of basic... Read more »

Oprah's View: Her Highness Hosts the Hens

..." truly groundbreaking stuff"  did I expect anything less??
Seems like the stars have aligned; at least as far as I am concerned.  My life will be easier, today, February 11, 2011…my gal O is hosting the gals from The View.  I can kill two birds with one stone and watch all of these numbskulls in one hour instead of two. The questions this... Read more »