Why I Thought That Christmas Picture Was Funny

Why I Thought That Christmas Picture Was Funny

If you haven't been hanging out under a rock for the last few days, you have undoubtedly read all about the family in Louisiana.

And their Christmas Card.

If you want the long version of the tale -read the story here.

Or skip it if you want the shorter interpretation - it was a joke.

A flipping joke.

Living with three ladies can be a real drag if you're a dude.  It's a bitch getting a word in edgewise.

Ask Phil and Luke Dunphy - ABC dedicated an entire half-hour to two men and their struggle living with three ladies when the stars aligned one month and their cycles were all in sync.

It was a goddamn hoot.  The gals were "extra bitchy" and ganged up on the unsuspecting men.

The episode was probably on the receiving side of an Emmy Nom - because this is a "modern family" read: NOT hillbillies from Louisiana.

If this was a skit on Kimmel or Fallon or on the next episode of SNL - we'd all be clicking on YouTube to catch the shits and giggles.

However, if you intend on making a joke and you ARE from Louisiana, you can count on the internet  freaking the fuck out.

I mean - clearly this family and their four-year-old son, smiling and giving the thumbs up- have an agenda.

What's the difference?  Not sure.

I continue to only see a joke.

Somehow we got all the way to 2015 with the ability to share our opinion with the rest of the world by a simple click of a mouse.

Unfortunately, we lost our humor along the way.

Nobody can take a joke anymore.

Everything has to mean something - offend someone - or send the wrong message to the "chillllldren".

I don't think kids give a shit.  If it doesn't involve them directly, not a single shit is rarely given.

Speaking of shits not given...

Earlier this week, my brother sent me a link from a news story in AZ.

Seems that a college kid from Michigan "rented" a family to pose for a Christmas card pic he planned to use to prank his family.  He hadn't been home in a long time and figured a pregnant wife and two teen-ish aged kids ought to do the trick.


christmas card

We both laughed our asses off.

Because that was the purpose of the card.  A laugh.

Much like the Louisiana picture, everyone participating in the Michigan photo shoot was "in on the gag".

But, for some reason no one on the Internet is jamming a photographer's Facebook page with rants regarding her hand in contributing to the misogyny of it all.  Or her apparent acceptance of spousal abuse.

What must the tattoo haters of America think of this lady ---- and the anti-fat-shamers in the crowd?  No worries, nobody is talking about it, really, nobody gives a rat's ass.

Such cards that come from Louisiana should probably come with instructions ~ Prior to reading, kindly remove the stick from your ass and stop clutching the pearls so tight - lighten up.

And a disclaimer ~ No women or children were injured/forced/coerced in the making of this holiday antic .

Or, perhaps the answer can be found in the simple hope that the person looking at the picture on the card has a sense of humor.

Holidays can be stressful and overwhelming for many people for a variety of reasons.

I welcome the occasional joke that arrives in the mail in the disguise of a Christmas greeting among the stacks of bills and those phony-baloney holiday letters (go ahead, and read between those lines - if you want to talk about a holiday greeting sending a mixed message).

I don't find spousal abuse funny - nor binding kids hands and taping their mouths as a form of punishment a laughing matter.

But, I do find a joke, simply that - a joke.

Back in the early seventies, my parents took a couple pictures of me and my sister - and our Christmas visitors.


I wonder what the internet would have thought of my parents.

Maybe I'm part of the problem - sorry, but  I'm too busy laughing to care.


I wrote a blog about other things I sometimes make fun of...you can read it here.


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