Top Ten Things On Rahm Emanuel's Christmas List

Top Ten Things On Rahm Emanuel's Christmas List

Dear Santa,

I apologize for the delay of my list, but it's been quite a motherfucking few weeks.  All hell has broken every which way but loose since Thanksgiving.  Seriously, this goddamn town is up for grabs.

Now, I want you to know I did send a duplicate list to Hanukkah Harry in hopes that one of you clowns can get this right.

Below are not merely things I want - they are what I need - see what you can do to make this shit happen.

And for the love of all that is holy - please, Santa - get that Elf on The Shelf off my back - this sonofabitch is all over the fifth floor - every goddamn morning.

Today, he was sitting on top of my DVR with a bowl of popcorn, wearing an "I Heart Karen Lewis" t-shirt and a smug-ass look on his face - not sure who painted the Chuy Garcia mustache on this elf's fucking face, but I'm not laughing.

Seriously - it's freaking me the frick out.



P.S. - If you can score a scandal or any breaking news worthy of getting me the fuck off the Trib's front page and the leading story every night at ten - I'll see what I can do about getting your sleigh a parking pass next season.


1) ALARM CLOCK - preferably with an air-raid sound - I need something ear piercing - to wake me up from the fucking nightmare my life has become.

2) WINTER WEATHER - 56 and sunny in mid-December is bullshit -nothing will keep over-night shootings and downtown protesters at bay like  subzero temps, flakes flying and wind gusting like a motherfucker.

3) A GODDAMN BREAK - yeah- I'm asking for it - a goddamn break - I mean, seriously Santa WTF does a guy have to do to get a break?

4) A FLAT-LINING FISH - and the address of  one WooWoo Wickers.

5) A CASE OF WRITER'S BLOCK - for that fucker Kass over at the Tribune

6) A CASE OF KLEENEX - I have a feeling there a couple more speeches in my future.

7) A NEW FUCKING GIG - my current job sucks ass - any word on a 9-5-er for a nine-fingered guy with a big-ass ego and a get-it-done-at-any-cost attitude would be much appreciated.

8) A TIME MACHINE - Ideally, I'd like it to take me back to a simpler time, namely, the  December 2010 residency hearings - when my biggest problem was answering pesky questions from the inquisitive lady wearing the gold hat.

9) AN EARLIER DEPARTURE DATE FOR CUBA - and an open-ended return date.

10) NEW POINTE SHOES & A BLACK LEOTARD - They want me to leave - I'm not leaving kicking and screaming - all ya'll better believe I'm dancing my way the fuck off of the Fifth Floor ... Word.
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