National Restaurant Association Kicks Mom and Infant To The Curb

National Restaurant Association Kicks Mom and Infant To The Curb

ABC 7 provided quite a tease prior to the ten o'clock broadcast last night.

It went somewhere along the lines of this ~ A woman gets kicked out of Restaurant Trade Show at The McCormick Place--you'll never guess why.

The Chicago Tribune posted the breaking news regarding Saturday's happenings.

There is nothing shocking to me about getting the hook for not following the rules.

You know what blows my mind?

The fact the Mommy of the Year felt the rules didn't apply to her.

Let's break this down.  Shall we?

A lady with a kid-JUST HATCHED-ten days prior, mind you -thinks the National Restaurant Association should make a concession to their clearly stated "No kids under age 16 allowed" rule because she really, really wanted to go and she has to breastfeed.

Self-important people always think this way.  They believe they are the exception to every rule.  The lady said as much in a quote in today's Chicago Tribune.

"I said, "clearly he's a breast-feeding baby.  I can't separate from him.  I understand not having kids run around or not having strollers -- that I understand.  A tiny breast-feeding infant, I hope would be an exception to this rule."  Kristin Osborne

Guess what Lady-that shit doesn't fly with the rest of us rule-following residents of the world.

My beef is not with the lady wanting to feed the youngin.  Most breast feeders I know have freezers and fridges packed with little plastic bags full of the boob juice.  And a helpful hubby or nanny at the ready with a bottle.

I certainly don't take issue with Osborne's need to go back to work so soon following the birth of the precious pup.

Everyone has their reasons.

Nope, the real head scratcher  here is why the Winery Owner thinks she's above the rules.  Rules are rules whether you're the CEO-secretary-or janitor of the company.

The National Restaurant Association states pretty clearly in their rules that kids under the age of 16 are not admitted.  Kristin seems like a pretty sharp gal-she's got to know 10 days is certainly most definitely less than 16 years...amirite?

Here are the rules found on the site regarding attendance to the four-day conference-for all attendees to see prior to registration:

NRA Show Policies

  • NRA Show is a trade event and is not open to the public. You must be directly involved in the foodservice industry to attend. A business card demonstrating you affiliation to the industry or your company's tax ID number is required to register.
  • No one under age 16 (including infants and toddlers) will be admitted into NRA Show under any circumstances.
  • Attendees between the ages of 16 and 18 years must be accompanied at all times by an adult. No exceptions.
  • No one under age 21 will admitted into IWSB under any circumstances.
  • By attending NRA Show you consent to the use of your image and/or name by the National Restaurant Association on any registered publishing, broadcast and cable media, without charge or obligation.
  • Solicitation at NRA Show by non-exhibitors is strictly prohibited.
  • The NRA Show badge provides access to NRA Show only during official Show hours.

Questions? Email us at or call (312) 853-2525.

Further, in the FAQ section the following can be found:

Are children allowed in the Show?

No. No one under the age of 16 (including infants and toddlers) is allowed on the floor at any time. Please Note: This rule is strictly enforced and there are no exceptions to this policy. ID may be requested if the age of an individual is in question.

Unfortunately, common sense is not a skill that can be bought or taught.  You either have it or you don't, and, Kristin clearly hasn't grasped the skill.

The lady didn't think her infant was an exception to any rule-she thought she was above the rules.  Simple as that.

Rules-Shmules!  Self-Important Mantra says rules only apply to peons.

And, you know what?  That's okay.

It's okay because the world is filled with clowns like this lady.  Filled.  She is really in great company-no matter where her travels from Minnesota take her.

Like The Jewel-or do you say Jewels?  Grab a number 47 at the Jewel Deli Counter and patiently wait-the digital counter on the wall tells you they are currently serving number 32.  And every single goddamn time...number 48 interrupts to just ask a quick question-which is usually can I just sneak in for a half a pound of salami-I'm really in a hurry-every single time.  And, you know what? You're in a hurry too, but you wait.  Until they call your number.

Or at a Fancy Downtown Restuarant-remember the wierdos that were pissed the owner kicked 'em to the curb after their screamer interrupted the diners dropping a bunch- o-Benjamins on a fancy-shmancy meal?  Not that there was an actual "rule" in place...but common sense people...common goddamn sense.  If you've got that kind of cash to drop on a meal you've got that kind of cash to invest in a sitter.  The fact said sitter is  unreliable should not become the other guy's problem.  Cancel the reservation.

How about  the School Drop Off Lane?-Every newsletter clearly states and requests parents follow the designated drop off plan.  Every morning the same frazzled gal hauls ass in the wrong entrance and out the wrong exit.  Every goddamn morning.  And her kids?  The rules don't apply to them either.

There is also a rule against Dogs at Pick Up/Drop Off-There are enough animals with two legs running out of Jesus Save Us Elementary without adding the barks, bites and piles of steamy landmines the four-legged variety bring to the chaos.  But that never stops the Self-Important.  They march those mutts right up to the front doors reasoning, "Sure he's showing his teeth, but our Cujo really is a gentle soul".  WOOF!  One of these days the school is going to figure out the real "Funraising" opportunity can be found by simply erecting a Petting Zoo sign at the entrance and charging admission to the drop off/dismissal hour.  KaChing.

The Lunchroom has plenty of folks above the rules... The school handbook states A. "absolutely NO outside food (read fast food) is to be delivered to students in lieu of a pre-packed lunch"   B. Only healthy snacks/birthday treats are permitted and C. All Visitors must enter building via Main Office.  Not one of these rules deter "Mrs. Keepin-up-with-the-Joneses" from banging knocking on cafeteria window and asking the resident nose-picker staked out closest to the playground doors to open the door so she can haul in 15 Frosty's for her daughter to share with her closest friends for her birthday.

Want your kid to be popular-Throw an All-School Kegger- As long as you live in the gated community it is totally cool to turn a blind eye as your fourteen-year-old kid's closest 300 friends who saw the tweet on the twitter unload bags and boxes of BYOBs into your walk-out basement.  When the cops bust it a couple hours later just explain it away - hey, you were eating pork chops and tossing back a couple of bottles of vino on the deck with the McStuffersons-the mister is a well-connected lawyer dontchaknow.  And besides-poor MaryLoo poor, poor MaryLoo really wants to be popular-we've never told her no before-why on earth would we start now.

Yeah, I'd say Kristin Osborne is in pretty good company as far as self-righteous asshats go.  There is one in every crowd.  And the rules don't apply to them.

Bravo to the National Restaurant Association for setting at least one gal straight.

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