Blagojevich Goes To Prison: Random Thoughts And Observations

Blagojevich Goes To Prison: Random Thoughts And Observations


My thoughts and observations regarding the last twenty-four hours as I watch Blago do what he does best...lead a three-ring circus from Illinois to Denver.

 Apparently he read my letter yesterday. This SOB is going out "O.J. Style". Fanfrickintastic.

 Those of you who had money riding on last meal  coming from the kitchen of "Freddy's Burgers" please step forward and collect your prize.

Before he heads in though, a quick call. Yeah...I don't think he has any intention of heading to the big house. look, he's got his running shoes on. Me thinks he is on the horn with the Denver media arranging an impromptu final, FINAL press conference/photo op.

Maybe he is calling a cab...current driver is clueless.

Or dialing Patti's digits.  I don't think he will get an answer there, though.  If she is as smart as he said she is, chances are the Missus is hatching an escape plan of her own.

Judy Hsu keeps wondering aloud if people at home are finding the drive-around-Denver comical.  If you're reading this Judy, I can assure you that we do.  Oh, yes...we do.

Paul Meinecke, reporting across the street from the prison entrance that the motorcade has missed for the THIRD time, is clearly not amused by the Governor's tomfoolery.

Welcoming committee in front of prison appears to have been granted their lunch break.

Ah, shit...newsfeed from helicopter temporarily disabled while they land for fuel. Shit.

For some reason WGN hasn't the same perspective that ABC7 does...strangely enough they are broadcasting from Denver Airport.  Hey...I have been in that airport place.

Rock star departure from O'Hare was flipping' awesome.

How insane is this guy? Do you suppose guy next to him in coach is with the Blago entourage or just an "unfortunate Joe"?

Yesterday's best question from the media: Chuck Goudie's from ABC 7..."Patti, do you plan on hanging around for fourteen years?". The silence and dead-behind-the-eyes stare answers any questions I may have, completely.

Best sound bite...comes from Mrs. Blago:  "Please remove that, (American Flag).  What's she got against America, sheesh...not like it was an Illinois' flag.  A frickin' circus has broken out on her front lawn apparent by the big ole Freak Flag flying in the middle, and an American Flag draped across her shoulders is what she wants removed?

Biggest loser in this entire fiasco: St. Scholastica. Clearly the loss of their most enthusiastic fundraiser has taken its toll.

 In the event you might be wondering...Rod had two burgers for lunch...and he is back in the black SUV...and as luck would have it the helicopter is back in the air.

Steve Sanders is once again reminding us that the scene reminds him of the O.J. scene fifteen years ago. was seventeen and I now know you did not read my letter to Blago, yesterday.

Got a load of  all the well-wishers on the Blagojevich's front lawn last night.  No way they were neighbors.  Not a chance 75% of them could afford the taxes in that part of town let alone be able to swing a mortgage payment.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I have seen many of them waving at the ABC 7 cameras through the Michigan Avenue Studio windows.

Posters displayed on Ravenswood Manor home yesterday erase any doubt in my mind regarding where Rod went during his two trips about town on his last full day of freedom.

I got a kick out of Rod's bodyguard detail during yesterday's press conference.  Hopefully the guy in the kick-ass red blazer did not spend his entire paycheck on the threads...God knows a pink slip was issued following departure of last news van.

He has got cameras inside the Volvo SUV documenting his trip to Englewood Federal Prison?  Seriously.  Not sure why this shocks me.  But it does.  There is no end to his delusion.

Raise your hand if you think Blago copping an insanity plea would have really been the better option for all involved.

Yep!  Yep, that is it GPS challenged driver.  The entrance.  Notice the tall barbed-wire fencing, throngs of media, and the sign...the SIGN that reads PRISON.  Yep, hang a left.

Seriously, what is wrong with that driver?  Why not just drop him off at the door?

Rod gets out of the SUV with a backpack.  Sheldon looks uncomfortable in the blue jeans. 

Oh, there it is.  One final wave.

And then the long walk. 

12:50...March 15, 2012.  The last we should see of those locks until at least 2024.

Hope his new friends go easy on him.  Something tells me they aren't going to be looking for autographs.





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