Taking My Show On The Road

Taking My Show On The Road

Yesterday I was a "guest writer" for The Chicago 3six5 project.

In a nutshell, local authors take a turn describing a day within a year in 365 words.  The project reads like a diary of love letters to Chicago.

Such a task of reporting about a day in three-hundred and sixty five words is daunting.  Especially if you like to write.

The assignment itself...finding something "Chicago worthy" was the easy part.  Chicago news and the criminals and cronies it reports upon provide inspiration daily.

When I got my assignment back in the late winter, I could only imagine what might be in store for Chi-town on the tenth day of August.  I shamefully admit my fingers were crossed for a Blago jury to return from deliberation.

Last week's market tumble also provided some material.  But I, and more importantly the designers of this project, were looking for something exclusive to the day.

Ron Santo Day provided a perfect snapshot for someone reading in the future regarding August 10, 2011 in Chicago.

More authors are still needed for the fabulous project.  Maybe you might be interested.  Here are author details and guidelines along with the application process.

Be sure to bookmark the project and check back daily to read a snippet of a day in Chicago as it is captured by a local writer.

I was thrilled to be included in such a cool project and I hope you might find the opportunity just as exciting.

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