Steve Dahl: What's He Worth To You?

Steve Dahl: What's He Worth To You?

Did you get the tweet at noon?  Steve Dahl's contract with CBS radio ended on Saturday.  The original "shock jock" promised to let loyal listeners know today of his intentions moving forward.

Ever since he signed off from Jack FM  in December of 2008, I have searched for a drive-around town alternative.  Eric and Kathy??  You bite your tongue. 

Quite frankly, I have really "had-it-up-to-here" with Kathy's annoying "name dropping" skills and her ability to make "keeping-up-with-the-Jones'" an Olympic event many years prior to Steve switching to mornings after joining 104.3.   Dahl on the morning drive gave me a much needed and welcomed option. 

Between you and me I have thought the powers-that-be over at 101.9 should have considered an "Eric and Melissa Show", but that's another blog for another time.

Once my mornings went silent I admit I thought I would never hear Steve broadcast again.  I had been listening to him for years...since he first arrived on Chicago Radio.

I remember listening when he announced Janet's pregnancy with his first child.  As a kid I looked forward to hearing the "fetus updates" and listened the day Pat was born.  I loved hearing the premieres of his "songs", the original words he would write with his band, Teenage Radiation.  Remember "Do You Think I'm Disco"... "Another Kid in the Crawl"... "Ayatollah" ?

As kids we listened during the Iran Hostage Crisis when Steve was calling Islamic Fried Chicken ordering buckets for the Americans held in captivity.  My younger brother wrote down the number and called from the darkness of our basement out of my mother's earshot to order a couple buckets as well.  Moments later the State Department called our mother.

After she hung up with the "lady who sounded pretty important", we were instructed to sit on the couch "until your father gets home".  When Dad walked in, he wanted to know what station we were listening to. 

We reluctantly gave up the call numbers along with an assurance that Steve was already off the air for the day and suggested he give him a listen the next day after 2:30...Garry did the first half hour solo until Steve arrived thirty minutes later.

The next night we got a lecture about the world crisis and why we should not participate.  Dad was also pretty pissed about the pending over-seas-phone-call, saying "that's a toll call for Christ's sake".  

Then Dad put two and two together and came up with Disco Demolition.  His eyes about popped out of his head as he shouted at us, "Is he the clown that blew up the infield at Comiskey?"

We nodded and quickly got off the couch and exited the room after assuring the stuttering man that we'd be happy to foot the toll call bill.

Dad did listen the next day.  He did not say another word to us, with the exception of the words that transpired once the phone bill arrived. 

But, we did notice that the call numbers we gave him were saved on his radio in his Lincoln.  We got our sense of humor from Dad...he "got" Steve and in turn Steve scored another fan. 

I remember listening during the Christmas season one year when Steve pissed his wife off so bad that she had to pull her car over on the Kingery (I believe) to call into the station and completely rip him a new one.  I laughed so hard I cried.

I also listened the days prior to his intern Marcus' surgery.  I think he was having his adenoids removed.  Steve was giving him a lot of grief regarding the procedure.  I later cried when it was announced Marcus died on the operating table.

During high school we did a project on Chicago Radio.  We were lucky enough to score an interview with the radio personalities at WLS.  We arrived hoping to meet The Stever, instead we got good ole "Uncle Lar". 

Steve and Garry were in the producers office, something about a "meeting".  They had a lot of those during their tenure on the Good Ole '89. 

I should have known...I had listened to the on-air fight between Steve, Garry, and Larry Lujack the day before.  Priceless.  I'm surprised all of them got out of the studio alive.

I've been listening to the Podcast since Steve was banned from the radio and he found another way to fill his need to speak.  And today, he announced that he would continue to do so at the price of $9.95 per month.

Facebook fans are freaking the flip out.  How dare he charge for something he has been doing for nothing.

I say $9.95 is a bargain.  Steve unregulated--completely unplugged?  Sign.Me.Up.  For less than $.50 a is a bargain.

Who else are you going to listen to?  Eric and Kathy??


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    There is a lot of grumbling, among friends, but Steve is a keeper. I hope it all works out for the best. I hope Buzz comes back!?!? For that I would pay $20 monthly!

  • You know, I love how the kids of the 70s remember how "great" it was back then, and how "colorful" the celebrities were back in the day. For Gen-Xers who are trying to solve the alcohol and drug binged mistakes you retards made, I would like to offer the following observation:

    No one under 35 knows who the hell you are talking about. Yes, you are old. It's time to take ol' Bessy (i.e. Steve Dahl) out in back of the barn and put one in the back of his head.

    This is the biggest problem with Chicago and Chicago radio, for that matter. We hold on for dear life to some nostalgic love affair that was never that good in the first place. In doing so, you fail to recognize that this fat sack of monkey shit hasn't been relevant in about 25 years, and for good riddance. Why can't he and the rest of his 'fans' pull a Brandmeier and just fade into oblivion via podcast and iTunes? Because about 40 people who want to feel young again won't let it happen. Steve Dahl is an asshole. He's always been an asshole, and he'll die an asshole. He's been an asshole to his wife, his kids, his partners, his on-air personality colleagues, his fans, and to the people of Chicago.

    Instead of pining for years gone by, why don't you, me, and the rest of us look to the future and see what new personality can entertain the morning/evening drive instead of yearning for a time that will never come again.

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    In reply to jjdunn0183:

    Screw you. Thanks.

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    In reply to jjdunn0183:

    Speaking of assholes - you're proof that it takes one to know one. What have you Gen-Xers given the rest of us? Obama? Thanks for nothing!

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    In reply to jjdunn0183:

    wow - when did he steal your candy junior? if you don't like him, or anybody over 35, then don't patronize him. someday you will be over 35, and maybe you'll be mature enough to appreciate people and their experiences.

    by the way, Generation X starts with people born at the end of the baby boom - around 1965. so some Gen-Xers are in their mid-40's.

    good for Steve to come up with a way to do his show without corporation supervision in a dying medium. He averages 17,000 downloads per day now. he might very well get 10,000 subscribers.

  • Steve Dahl is great. You don't have to be "old" to like him or remember him. I was in grade school and high school when he was still on the radio and remember listening to him in the afternoon on the car ride with my mom. That, and Howard Stern in the mornings...who I also love. Both are great. Would I shell out money to listen to Steve? Hell no. Time are tough. And even though I have a job and am not struggling, I can think of better ways to spend 10 bucks a month.

    Also, I resent your comments about Eric and Kathy. I ADORE their morning show and they do nothing but make me smile when I listen to them.

  • In reply to Jenny Milk:

    Oh, come on, please don't resent my opinion...let's agree to disagree:) I have no problem with Eric at's his easily impressed side-kick that grates on my nerves.

    Thanks for your comments, I do appreciate them.

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    In reply to Jenny Milk:

    Eric and for people who can't pay attention.

  • "Steve Dahl: What's He Worth To You?"

    Nothing. Nada. Rien. Zippo. Nichts. And I'm one of the old guys.

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    In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Really? People love things they can get for free! I can get quality entertainment for less than the cost of a friggin newspaper! Think things through.

  • I hear you...and I think I understand you. The draw for me is the fact he continues to tell it like it is--doesn't sugar coat anything. And over the years has become better than ever...he has mellowed with age yet still hits the nail on the head whether it be politics, current events, or arm chair quarterbacking the Bears' game from the day before.

    Truth is talk radio is all but over--he's taking it to the next level in podcasting. I am more than willing to shell out $10 to hear him unplugged...some may not. I find his type of broadcast/opinion/sense of humor refreshing, if that makes me fodder for the nursing home, so be it.

    And, he's not really that fat should consider giving him a listen while he's still giving himself away for nothing...1/2 the size he used to be and probably possesses twice the talent. You youngsters don't know what you're missing. Seriously. Thanks for your comment, I do appreciate your opinion.

  • You get it. Thanks.

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    I think it is funny that Steve and his gang are going to charge for his podcast. Sadly it will fall face down in the ground. there is a reason he is not being picked up by a broadcast company. i have been a fan since 1979, and even listened on the intenet from Los Angeles. the truth is a few people will buy the product and everyone else will move on. I love the good old days but I prefer to live in the present and The Stever is not in the present. It was a nice run and he should be proud of what he has done. however, when you burn as many bridges as he has burned you find yourself on an island. no man is an island. I will be listening to the last few free shows and smile as I listen to the last show and know it was a hell of a run... best wishes Steve

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