Keeping it Real: Bin Laden Inspired Reality Shows

Not sure about you, but I am becoming very overwhelmed with the 411 coming out of Pakistan ten days after Navy Seals got the deal done.

Entertaining the news that a former sex slave of his is spilling her guts regarding Waldo's admiration of Whitney Houston, I took a breath and decided to take it for what it is.  Stuff you couldn't make up if you possibly tried.  The fluffy stuff is a nice filler for viewers of the nitty-gritty to use as just that...simply a filler.

Nothing cutting-edge regarding him wishing to off Bobby Brown, but it is the type of stuff that makes a weary 24/7 cable news addict crack a smile.

Belly laughs come at the price of info that the fella enjoyed The Wonder Years, Miami Vice and MacGayver.  Awesome.

Today's tidbit that American Officials have his handwritten daily journal in their hands made me think of the perfect title for a book that would be sure to be a best seller once it hit a Borders' bookshelf near you--"Are You There Allah?  It is me, Your Chosen One."

As I thought some more, I considered the Reality Star jackpot this clown could have been for Bravo, E! and TLC etc. 

Farfetched?  Not really, when you consider The Kardashians are worth about $65 million + keeping up with each other while pedalling their signature scents. 

Not only would this guy have attracted interested viewers, his assorted associates, wives and children would have been excellent spin-off possibilities.

Don't forget, he was a master at producing his own video-taped rants...he clearly had the equipment and material necessary to put out some blockbuster programming.

There are plenty of articles written about this guy to provide enough info to scare you shitless...I choose to find at least one thing to lighten the mood. 

Too bad hindsight is 20/20...too bad the perfect star is no longer available to make shows like these worthy of a green-light.  I would have tuned in...if only in the made-up part of my brain...

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