Oprah's View: Her Highness Hosts the Hens

Seems like the stars have aligned; at least as far as I am concerned.  My life will be easier, today, February 11, 2011...my gal O is hosting the gals from The View.  I can kill two birds with one stone and watch all of these numbskulls in one hour instead of two.

The questions this inquiring mind is asking...will The Queen stand for Barbara's constant interruptions, what shoes did The View's audience choose for Sherri to wear for the big day, how many times will Oprah gloat about her OWN network, how many names will Babs drop, and even more importantly, how many interviews, favorite things episodes, and network specials will the dinosaur mention? 

Equally causing wonder was the possiblity of tension on the set as Whoopi and Oprah meet for the second time since Goldberg's invite to Oprah's Legends Ball thrown for influential, strong black women was "lost in the mail". 

Oh, I have plenty more.  How many times will Joy roll her eyes throughout the interview.  In the plugging happening all this week in the ten o'clock hour on ABC, Joy's body language suggested she's less than thrilled about the trip to Chi-town.  Poor Elizabeth, she thinks she's outnumbered on The View's panel...today is going to test her conservative patience.

No more time for questions...the show is about to start...in case you didn't witness this "groundbreaking stuff" first hand, here is what you missed...




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