Facebook Home Page: The White House Edition


Michelle Obama recently told the world her daughters are not allowed access to Facebook.  She and the President are making a wise choice. 

There are many adults who should not be granted permission for an account.  Some people for better or worse offer far too much information...spell like a first grader...have no understanding of basic grammar...and post a daily status that proves after all these years that they are still the same yahoo you remember from all those years ago.

And it is status lines that include all of the above that make me giggle the most.  Just when an old long lost friend posts a daily status that offers far too much info while completely butchering the English language, I immediately search for the "defriend" button.  But, before I click, I reconsider because, really who would not want to read a status like this on their homepage:

Ingrid Insecure: Just got back from doktor.  The green pus was an infekshun but their is some ointmint that your supose to rub on it...any won want to come help me apply it???  LOLOLOLOL

After hearing Mrs. Obama mention the forbidding of an account to the first daughters, I wondered what if??  What if many of the most famous White House kids had access to a Facebook account?  Imagine the tales a White House Staff Facebook page would promise.

I know the social network is relatively new; hell, most White House inhabitants never knew what a computer was let alone considered a shout out to their "peeps" in 140 characters or less.

But, imagine if they did.  Oh, what fun that would be.  Here are some ideas I came up with...


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