Mayor Emanuel: Why Not Just Crown Him Today?






Did anyone seriously think Rahmbo headed back to Chicago with any intention other than becoming the next mayor of this city?  Anyone? 

Forget about the formality of one election in February...who among us can possibly stand the crazy idea of a run-off election in April?  Not me.

Emanuel should lift his four-fingered right paw and take the oath of office tonight.  He is the heir apparent, is he not?  The Illinois Supreme Court all but said so in today's decision to keep him on the ballot.

When you consider the four top contenders, the only guy clearly cut out for the tough jobs that stand before the candidate who will eventually add a "fifth-floor" key to his "I'm-officially-in-charge-key ring" is Rahm Emanuel.  He has danglers the size of coconuts while sporting a virtual "I-can-handle-a-press-conference-with-my-eyes-closed" tattoo on his face.  He is worthy of my vote, whether it counts or not.   

Sadly, it does not.  As a resident of the suburbs, my vote doesn't count in the city proper.  But, I do believe my vote counts when it comes to the important stuff; and what could possibly be more important than the 2011 Mayoral race in the city of Chicago?

Mayoral Press Conferences.  I live for them.  Nobody handled these better than Mayor Daley.  I have a friend who loves watching Daley take questions wearing his "Indiana Jones" hat.  While those are entertaining, I enjoy a disheveled Daley (red in the face, tousled hair, and practically spitting) completely losing his mind -- not to mention the pitch of his voice, while fielding a mind-numbing question from Andy Shaw as "must-see-t.v.".

I've been watching a calm, happy Rahm shake hand after hand at various el stops all over the city on WGN many-a-morning.  Having Andy Sandberg along as a "wingman" adds to the excitement of this viewer. But I long for the former f-bomb dropper I learned to love while he served our country and president in D.C.  Where did he go??

Emanuel is possibly the only candidate with the cash for commercials.  But, I admit, I am growing bored of the softer, gentler Rahmbo these snipets provide between programming.  Tonight's mayoral debate showed a side of Emanuel I can't wait to see.  It was a weak moment--who can blame him?  I'd imagine the last few days' uncertainty brought it on.

When Moseley-Braun called him out on paying some taxes after the due date, Emanuel slightly paused before regaining composure and answering the question.  But the Rahmbo fan in me saw a brief moment where I think his head was about to produce steam and pop off.

These are the moments I cannot wait for.  These are the moments we will see Emanuel's true colors come through.  These are the moments that a press conference will provide.  These are the moments this non-voting suburban gal can't wait to witness.

Thanks to today's ruling by the Illinois Supreme Court, the day I dream of is not that far away.  Get the mayor's podium ready--Andy Shaw--you have been warned--get your craziest question ever prepared--whoever is responsible for the f-bomb bleeping machine, you had better have her tuned up for the next term.

If you are a Chicagoan, vote early, vote often.  Elect the best candidate for the job~when you consider the cast of characters~even a Supreme Court Justice knows the answer.  It is Rahmbo--raise your four-fingered paw if you agree. 

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