Take Your Kid to School


Careful, down there...I've climbed up on my soapbox...and my knees get weak when I look over the banister after climbing four stairs...so,way up here, on a flimsy box--shoot--I'm practically terrified, but what I have to say needs to be said.  So, listen up.

In addition to the shout out to Mother Earth today--children all over the land will accompany their parents to work.  It's Take Your Son/Daughter to Work Day.  Meeting Bratty McBrattston might be your boss' loss--but it will certainly, most definitely, be your kid's teacher's gain.  Teachers throughout the country will be treated to a day of peace and quiet...more than half of their charges will miss class so they can hang out with Mom or Dad at their hum drum job. 

Oh, those lucky ladies and gents...the powers that be should consider adding another "day" and make April 22--or the fourth Thursday in April--whatever the combination is that makes it Earth Day and Take the Brat to Work Day occur in the same week--a trifecta, while we're at it lets call it what it really is--Teacher Appreciation Day...and give the masses what they would probably enjoy most--a day free of the monsters.  We've already given the Administrative Assistantants a day of recognition prior to the hethens arrival in their lobby.

I don't think it's any coincidence my youngest always has a field trip on Earth/Take Your Kid to Work/Teacher Appreciation Day.  What else would convince a kid to ditch a day sitting around a boring office with Mom/Dad, than the promise of a trip to the movies to see Ocean. 

This day of celebrating parental employment began about twenty years ago.  Started out as a "take your daughter to work day"...seemed the chicks-in-charge-that-had-it-all wanted to show their little ladies at home that they, too, could someday achieve Superwoman Status.

Then the politically correct generation took over along with the "if their kid is doing it, mine had better, too" clowns that lurk in every school yard from sea to shining sea.  Thus, began the bring your son/daughter festival.  Let's let the boys in on the secret of going to the office. 

And, soon, the day just got taken advantage of.  After the first time heading into the office, why would a kid want to go again?  If it's the excitement of missing a day of school, I can only imagine Mom/Dad played hooky from work the following year to make a day of it w/Jr. since he stayed home (not too cool to be a kid attending school when no one else is...at least not the kids whose parents have the "good jobs").

Did you ever see the episode of the Office giving honor to this most glorious of holidays?  No one who works at that office ever gets much done--but on TYKTW Day, an Office with kids is an office that gets absolutely nothing done.  Unless you equate complete chaos and a slice of cake to a day of hard work.

I'm sure the day has evolved to this--a brief trip to the office following a leisurely breakfast.  After a quick appearance for the sake of allowing the kid to relay some type of story that includes seeing the desk where all the magic happens to the teacher the following day, parent/child head out to do something fun and take advantage of the day off school.  But not before they take in an early lunch.  All this activity makes you hungry.

Sure there were kids trudging to school in lieu of accompanying Mom and Dad to work--the kids whose parents don't have the glamorous jobs...I'm sure it's safe to say some parents are just as happy to send their kid to school rather than subject them to the daily grind that has consumed their everyday lives.

For these kids and the educators that teach them--TYKTW Day has become a non-day at school.  Why should a teacher prepare a lesson plan and a day full of activities for an empty classroom.  Cancel the tests--what about the kids who aren't at their desks?  Certainly, these poor shmucks that arrived to learn aren't going anywhere career-wise--look at the mopes at home they have to emmulate.

About ten years ago, right around the time Mother Earth and her delicate condition came to a head, the Earth Day Field trip was born. This year in particular--the year Mother Earth and Hang out with your Folks Day collide--teachers all around rejoice--a day of planning nothing for the kids who aren't coming anyway. 

And, it also seems like the next generation may very well churn out a couple handfuls of tree-huggers...since the only mentors they ever had in grade school were a teacher who came to school without her kid and Mother Earth.  Good thing they have a trip to the theatre to let them know what life is all about.  I wonder if the ticket takers or the concession stand minions will bring along their offspring.

Do you want to do your kid a favor today?  Send their little can to school.  If you want to prepare him/her for the miserable road of employment ahead, get them to school--and get them there on time.

While you're at it, make sure they witness you get to work each day--and get there on time.  Let them see that you take pride in your job.  Kids watch us all the time--even when we don't think they are looking.  They don't need to accompany us one day a year to know about our work ethics.  They don't need to meet your boss--I'm sure they overhear plenty about what a miserable SOB he is.

Make a difference in your kid's life today.  Take them somewhere will they will collect the knowledge necessary to make it in the big, bad world...take them to class.



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  • Its 'Take your kids to work day'? Damn. I though it was 'Send your kids to work day' I'll bet my cube is going to be a mess.

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