A year ago today we lost my beloved Sister-in-law to her courageous battle with Cancer.  All I remember of the week that followed was what Father Adan said at her Funeral.  "If we continue to tell stories of her life, she will live forever".

Life as a Lenkiewicz has not been the same since she left.  We've been through a year of "firsts" without her.  I imagined Christmas would be the worst--amazingly enough I found I missed her most on Halloween...We always brought the kids over to see her after our trick-or-treat runs once she got home from work.  I also missed her last week on my birthday--she was always one of the first calls I entertained on my big day--it wasn't what she said--it was how she sang--her big booming voice singing Happy Birthday--it always started the day out right.

You can follow along with the pictures--as they tell her story--while I miss her, I thank God her pain is over.  She fought the Cancer with everything she had...it was a brave fight, but the disease eventually won.

She was much more than a victim of a terrible disease to us...she was the face of courage and bravery. 

She was the daughter of Horonata and Zdzislaw ... the sister of Edwardine, John and Tony...the sister-in-law of Stanley, Jennifer and Donna...the aunt of Andrew, Tony, and Anna, Adam, Michael, Ryan, Amy and Tom--and aunt through marriage to Cathy, Leanne, Rich, and Becca...a Grand Aunt to Joey, Emmalie, and Anabelle. 

There hasn't been a day she hasn't been missed, but we've tried to do what she would have wanted us to do--we have lived...she'll never be replaced, but if we continue to tell her story she will live forever.

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  • With a wonderful storyteller like you as her sister-in-law, I'm sure she will live on forever.

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