Don't Say Gay?

I think that, right now especially, there’s a lot of contention about whether or not it’s okay to say certain words in the LGBTQ community, and what context you should (or should not) say them in. You’ve most likely heard of the “Don’t Say Gay” bills in Missouri and Tennessee. The Tennessee DSG bill has... Read more »

Staying Safe at Chicago's Gay Pride Parade

It might feel like a lifetime away, but June 24th, the day of Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade is coming up fast. The weather’s improving,  and I know I’m not the only one ready for full on summer.  Personally, I’ve been ready for the month of June since December, and now that it’s almost upon us,... Read more »

LGBTQ Connection: Facebook and Beyond

It’s been a long time since I settled down to do any serious blogging, but I’ll trust my instincts and let these entries take me where they want to go. It was fairly recently that I contacted my co-administrator on our LGBTQC Facebook page and asked her what she thought about launching a Twitter feed.... Read more »