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Memorial Day: Serving World War II America in combat and at home

Memorial Day: Serving World War II America in combat and at home
My Dad, Fred,  is working on a new oxygen regulator that his younger brother, Frank, may very well use at some time. (Dad had a deferment from military service because of his defense work.) He updates his brother on the improvements being made on this essential piece of equipment for airmen, or order to save more lives.... Read more »

Happy Memorial Day: World War II Mom prays all comes out for the best

For Memorial Day weekend, I dedicate these letters to our soldiers in arms, our veterans, and all the mothers and dads and families who yearn for their safe return. This letter is from my grandmother, Lisi Gartz, responding to her son, Frank’s  (“Ebner”) previous letter. Either scroll down to previous post or click here to read... Read more »
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    I was born and raised on Chicago's West Side, where the Gartz family lived and worked for most of the 20th century. After my mom died in 1994, my brothers and I poked around the the attic of my parents' home and discovered a trove of letters, diaries, documents, and photos that had been saved for almost a century. Taken as a whole, they focus a lens on the history of our city and life in another era, as seen through the eyes of regular folks. Go to Lindagartz.com where you'll find my blog, Family Archaeologist (a clickable link is on the "About Letters of a World War II Airman" page). There you can explore this historical treasure trove that illuminates history and our shared humanity. I started my blog, "Letters of a World War II Airman," on the 70th anniversary of the date my uncle, Frank Ebner Gartz, was drafted into World War II military service. You can see that first post and the first three months of 1943 letters at my website, Lindagartz.com. All future letters will be posted on this blog. I'm an author, archivist and television producer. Please visit my website, LindaGartz.com, to see my published articles and an overview of my television productions.

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