World War II Cadet-"I know I'm not that good."

World War II Cadet-"I know I'm not that good."

Under the advice of his doctor, Frank's hoping to improve his eyesight, critical if he wants to enter pilot training. Frank's  gathering documents needed to apply for cadet status in the Army Air Corps, like his birth certificate, and the required recommendation letters have been coming in. A copy of Frank's birth certificate and what appears to be a draft of his "Application for Appointment as Aviation Cadet" are included below. The bit of bad news in this letter will come up frequently in future missives.

Raised to be modest, he seems embarrassed by his terrific recommendations (see last post for an example).

Air Corp badges - 1



Dear Mom:

I’ve been going to town every day for eye exercises and don’t know if they’re going to get better or not. It will take a week to tell one way or another. Things are running smoother right now, but during the  night last Sunday Someone stole my helmet so I guess I’ll have to pay for it.

By the way, I need my birth certificate too. I got all my letters of recommendation and I think that they over-did my character. I know that I’m not that good.

The cake and candy was swell but I won’t be able to eat all that for about three days. Well, I guess I’ll turn in now; so till I write again, I remain,

Your Loving Son,


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Original letter directly below. Below that are two documents he needed: his birth certificate and his application, probably a draft because of the goofy signatures at the end "Me" and "Myself."  Click once or twice to enlarge letter. The documents aren't enlarging, a problem I hope to fix soon.


Ebner LTRs 1943-05-21 to Mom-1


Ebner DOCS Birth Certificate


Mil Serv 1942-11-08 Application for Aviation Cadet

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