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Bear Down with Genre- Blending! The Winter’s Tale was one of William Shakespeare’s unique plays, the name derived from the young Sicilian prince Mamillius in the play who requested it as a bedtime story. It was a contrast between ending happily or ending in death; however, this particular rendition, began with tragedy and ended happily.... Read more »


SOMETIMES IN LIFE, YOU JUST HOPE FOR NEXT TO NORMAL Musicals are known for being exciting, fun, and uplifting, so how does a story about Bipolar Disorder, which is polar opposite becomes a musical. This is what book writer and lyricist Brian Yorkey and composer Tom Kitt were up against when they came up with... Read more »


FINDING LOVE IN AN INDIFFERENT WORLD Can love happen at first sight? It certainly can if you’re Tony and Maria in West Side Story. Inspired by William Shakespeare ‘Romeo and Juliet, Arthur Laurents wrote the award-winning adaptation of the classic romantic tragedy in 1957. Only with a Latin beat! This timeless musical is set in... Read more »

Dames At Sea

Tapping Your Way Through Finding Success and Love A delightful parody musical took place in the bygone era where large and flashy was the style of movies with lots of chorus girls and props, made famous by Busby Berkley the American film director and musical choreographer in the 1930s. ‘Dames At Sea’ which was written in 1960,... Read more »


Has Some Good Music But Lacks Punch! In 2007 director Kristen Sheridan and producer Richard Barton Lewis worked together with a screenplay by Nick Castle and written by Castle and Paul Castro called August Rush; a story about an 11-year-old musical prodigy living in an orphanage who runs away to New York City. Evan Taylor... Read more »


A Girl Who is Dreaming of a Better Life Matilda, the treasured novel written by the twisted genius Roald Dahl who felt that children abandoned reading for playing video games and watching mindless television programs wrote this cautionary tale in 1983 to champion reading for kids. Matilda, the world’s first super geek, made reading a... Read more »

Too Heavy For Your Pocket

Illuminating and Moving! What are you willing to risk to fight for what you believe? This is the question posed by a young man who decides to give up a college scholarship and pursue higher learning vs. becoming a freedom rider with a group of civil rights activists in a crusade for equality. These brave... Read more »


What Price Are You Willing To Pay?  It is said, that, we live in a world where each generation as opposed to leaving it, the world, better than what was left for us. We are supposed to improve society, make life better, more prosperous, to assure our children can have a better life; to where... Read more »

Interview with Award-Winning Director Daryl D. Brooks

Fighting for People of Color on Stage and Off! Let’s Play had the pleasure of sitting down with the very talented Black Ensemble Managing Producing Director Mr. Daryl D. Brooks to talk about his new project ‘Fast Food Chain’ at Adventure Stage and Northwestern Settlement. Daryl has become the one to watch in the theater scene, he... Read more »


 The Disruption of Generational Poverty in Chicago Food insecurity is a condition where people cannot reliably access adequate, nutritious food. It is the set of circumstances that prevent your access to food, and the lack of financial means and other resources that can cause this adverse condition to manifest. Food insecurity does not discriminate against... Read more »