aanda-ballet-259-photo_dan-swinson-imageryChoreographed by Alexei Kremnev and under the artistic direction of Anna Reznik, The Studebaker Theater's three-night performance of The Art Deco Nutcracker is part of a 129-year collaboration of A. Vsevolozhsky. Set in the 1920s, "The Art Deco Nutcracker," features Tchaikovsky's favorite score, with a cast filled with delightful children and young dancers.  

 On the night we went, "The Art Deco Nutcracker" starred American Ballet Theatre Autumn Steed as the Sugar Plum and Michael Sayre as Nutcracker Prince (BalletMet). The Studebaker stage, unfortunately, isn't suitable for ballet, causing an inelegant stomp from the dancers throughout the performance. I was impressed that this awkwardness doesn't seem to disturb the flow of the dancers, who performed fittingly.   

 "The Art Deco Nutcracker" features Kremnev as Drosselmeyer, with 175 dancers on stage, is Kremnev's eighth full-length ballet. Alexei Kremnev founded A&A BALLET with Anna Reznik in 2016. Reznik, who began her career in Moscow at the world-famous Bolshoi Ballet Academy, has been praised for her loving dedication and skillful work with children does another excellent job with the little ones. The children seem very engaged and engaging throughout, and the little mice were so adorable. Wardrobe, Costume Designer Laura Skarich did a remarkable job with her dazzling costumes. We loved the mice's costumes. Choreography by Kremnev, who is also a former student from Bolshoi Academy is always top-notch. 

Although all of the performances were delightful, company member Michael Sayre as the Nutcracker Prince was simply amazing. His flawless movements should make his former teachers at Southold Dance Theater beaming with pride.     72625282_2813131758739368_4415114852872224768_oThe Art Deco Nutcracker is only at The Studebaker Theater for this weekend; however, it's simply delightful, and a ballet dancers dream come true. It's an enjoyable night of ballet.

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