The Second City etc. presents

Grinning From Fear to Fear

1554059488-the-second-city-etcs-43rd-revue-ticketsFear can get the best of humans as we revel in its absurdity mechanism to hide behind the mere fact that we are afraid of someone or something, however, no one will ever think of laughter when it comes to fear. Most people take on the nervous laugh or the ‘Fear Grin' when they come face to face with an awkward or frightening situation.

The Second City is known for their hilariously funny two acts revue (mostly scripted) followed by their famed third act of improvisation. TSC hits the stage with their 43rd Revue in good ole fashion, laugh out loud comedy with ‘Grinning from Fear to Fear.'

TSC satire engages you in some thought-provoking hysterically dialogue that also uses people from the audience to join them on the stage to perform in one of their skits. If you like ‘sketch comedy' this exciting show has a fresh new cast that delivers with tons of creativity that are formulated by the audience's reactions and suggestions; which by the way helps to shape the final show.

Tackling different conditions that cause fear; ‘Grinning From Fear To Fear' is one of the funniest revues that The Second City has presented. Using the main focus of trying to convince others that nothing is wrong, each scene is non-stop laughter. Such as the case as the boyfriend meets the girlfriend parents and he can't stop talking and apologizing. These ingeniously crafted skits go to the extremity of making you see different situations of the frightened smiles with enormous laughter.

Other uncomfortable topics in this mirthful jolt of awkwardness include the birthday party scenario of how everything went wrong from this character breaking up with his fiancé, losing his best friend, to finding out that he was not his father's biological son on his birthday.

TSC had several funny sketches which included an insomnia skit where a guy's mind played games with him all night long because he couldn't shut off his brain. A serial killer parody, where a white man who was taken into custody explains why he loves to kill white men because he is doing the world a great justice by doing it and a laughable cat and dog scene.

The diversity by this talented cast of six Atra Asdou, E.J. Cameron, Mark Campbell, Andrew Knox, Laurel Krabacher, and Chuck Norment, whom all wrote parts of the skits, they also performed it with so much enthusiasm. Their work is brought to the stage with overwhelming humor, working together to provide riotously comicality.

TSC comedians are not afraid to test the audience limits with their edgy skits. After all, this is The Second City where one should expect plenty of laughing out loud bursts throughout the night regardless of the topic.

However, there are some sexual references inserted throughout the sketches that may make some people uncomfortable.

Director Anneliese Toft served plenty of hilarity with a subject matter that represents a distressing emotion aroused by an impending pain, danger, and evil, in ‘Grinning Fear To Fear.' Along with the ensemble members weaving the storyline together about fear in the 43rd revue they knew laughter is good for the soul and is the crucial component where encumbering occurrences were brought on by reality or an imaginary threat.

Let's Play ‘Highly Recommend' that you check out ‘Grinning From Fear To Fear' in all of its uneasiness. This comedy act is worth the side-splitting laughter and that 'Fear Grin' smile that will be plastered on your face when you're trying to figure out how far the cast is going with the sketch. 'Grinning From Fear To Fear' is seriously funny!

The Second City etc. presents
Grinning from Fear to Fear
Written by Atra Asdou
E.J. Cameron
Mark Campbell
Andrew Knox
Laurel Krabacher
Chuck Norment
Director Anneliese Toft

Open Run

Tickets: $21-$58



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