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ct-1544053076-k8hnafxgyv-snap-image-1We all love a classic murder mystery, however, we often do not think of it as being hilarious or laughable to our soul; nonetheless, that is exactly what you will get when you see ‘The Play That Goes Wrong,’ which won Best New Comedy.’ This is a play that will literally bring down the house in a riotous eruption of comedy and calamity mania while delivering tons of laughter throughout the audience.

‘The Play That Goes Wrong' is co-authored by Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer, and Henry Shields, it opens up with director Chris Bean (Alexander Smith) who plays Inspector Carter delivering an encouraging pre-curtain speech before plunging into the world of madness with an evening of havoc and mayhem with ‘The Murder at Haversham Manor.’

the-national-tour-cast-in-the-play-that-goes-wrong-photo-by-jeremy-daniel-200x300This Olivier Award-Winning Comedy is utterly disastrous from the beginning with broken scenery and two stagehands Trevor Watson and Annie Twilloil frantically coming out into the audience looking for missing props and a dog hopefully to be found within the auditorium.   

We recommend that you get there before the play starts so you can be a part of seeing the backstage staff doing last-minute adjustments to the set, including trying to mend a broken mantelpiece and other items before the show begins. Also just before the play starts one of the actors talks about a few not so well-known plays that also had its share of issues like their full cast production of “Cat,” (don’t miss the pun) and James and the Peach or James, Where's your Peach? 

The pandemonium  of ‘The Play That Goes Wrong,’ has been Broadway’s longest and funniest play, this hysterical mixture of Monty Python and Sherlock Holmes play with a corpse that apparently cannot play dead  and an unconscious leading lady is "comic gold!" This muddled melody of confusion is heightened when the characters that trip over everything and brilliantly play off one another to chaos perfection.

This play that is based on actors playing actors gave you some gut-busting laughs with blunders and knockabout quips that kept the humor flowing. ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ intentionally shows all of the missteps that can possibly happen on a mystery stage, with no recovery in sight. It may be a bit much for some but, if you like slapstick comedy this is the play for you.  

The non-stop mayhem of ‘The Murder at Haversham Manor’ is an Agatha Christie-style mystery that’s over the top with cringe-worthy performances. Yaegel T. Welch is exceptionally funny as he tries with all of his best efforts to play Jonathan a corpse who continuously is resurrected by the clumsiness of his cast mates.

Scott Cote who plays the actor Dennis who portrays Perkins the butler constantly has memory lapses and he is terribly horrible with pronouncing names. His mispronunciation and blunders were priceless. Then there’s the secret lover’s (Max and Sandra) Ned the-play-that-goes-wrong-national-tour-300x200Noyes and Jamie Ann Romero who add to the issues in the play that goes wrong were not convincing as lovers; which is the fault of Max, who seems more interested in the audience than Sandra.  

Throughout the craziness of this play and with special navigation of more idiocy it works at least for 2 hours and 10 minutes of unadulterated laughter of what can go wrong will go wrong. Sure it seems as though some of the scenes are overly exaggerated like the scathing liquid spit-takes or the "we-lost-our-places-in-the-script," but it’s meant to go overboard and sometimes way overboard.

The Play That Goes Wrong is a hoot and will keep you amused. Hey, it’s the holidays and for a couple of hours, it’s all in the absurdities of fun you will need for the season.

Let’s Play recommends that you check this racket of confusion out at The Oriental Theatre.

The Oriental Theatre Presents

The Play That Goes Wrong

Director Chris Bean

December 4-16th

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