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There are approximately 27 million shoplifters, or 1 in 11 people in our nation today that participate in this unlawful activity and with the holiday season approaching; it’s the perfect breeding ground for thieves to look like buyers only to steal merchandise during their visit. It’s considered the most wonderful time of the year, however, for the overworked undercover security guard; it’s their worst nightmare.

Playwright Spenser Davis drops us right into the action with his first play 'Plainclothes' in a trilogy called 'The Mag Mile.' This fast-paced play where weekly quotas change like the wind show how they catch individuals, but some questions are raised about a pattern of thieves they are targeting.

Set in a cramped storage closet turned camera room in downtown Chicago department store called Brady’s, Davis gives us an inside view of how security guards seek out would-be shoplifters. Set from the perspective of these undercover security guards, Plainclothes provides us with the full range of emotions that they experience, from placing their lives in danger for low pay, stress to meet corporate goals, receiving terrible benefits,  and how they come to realize that they can only depend on one thing;  themselves.


They form a unique bond of friendship, but things go terribly wrong when one person tries to do the right thing after a violent encounter with a shoplifter lands one person into the hospital causing them to find themselves being scrutinized and under corporate investigation.

Plainclothes is an exceptional play filled with comedic laughter under an individual crisis that manifests into a perfect dramatic conclusion on how being right can seem as unrighteous when the unlikely victim has privileges.

Davis does an excellent job with casting an ensemble that seems to have formed a picture-perfect, textbook cast. Each character does an amazing performance of playing off the other character like a masterful piece of a puzzle collectively telling the story of their challenges working security. This play is what all wanna-be actors should see if they are interested in acting.

Let’s Play ‘Highly Recommends’ seeing Plainclothes at The Den Theater.

The cast includes
Elise Marie Davis (Syd/Rachel)
David Weiss (Pete/Jerrod)
Kim Boler (Stevie)
Teresa Kuruvilla (Alma)
RjW Mays (Mary)
Adam Soule (Bobby)
Rob Frankel (Jim)
Ben F. Locke (Jomal)
Carmen Molina (Karina)
Stephanie Shum (T.)
Alejandro Tey (Llermo)

World Premiere!
Broken Nose Theatre Launches Seventh Season with
By Company Member Spenser Davis
Co-Directed by Kanomé Jones and Company Member Spenser Davis
November 9 – December 15, 2018, at The Den Theatre



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