Miss Saigon

The Ultimate Sacrifice

04-miss_saigon_tour_9_21_18_5357-r-photo-by-matthew-murphyThe place was Saigon, the time was during the Vietnam War in the 70’s where we witness a young seventeen-year-old girl named Kim dazed and confused after being left as an orphan of war. With nowhere to go, she is picked up by a man called 'The Engineer' and forced to work at a bar and brothel; a place where American soldiers come to enjoy a night of lust in a place where the nightmares of war seen to fade away. A place where young girls can make your dreams come true; if only for one night.

Cameron Mackintosh’s Miss Saigon, which first appeared in the states over 27 years ago, is once again gracing audiences at The Cadillac Palace Theatre. This simply amazing performance is indeed a sight to see. Miss Saigon is a testament of the genuine power and beauty of theater. Director Connor brings to life the story of Kim, a Vietnamese woman's love and loss that will live forever and will be a must see in theaters around the world as long as the world has theatrical performances and this we definitely urge you to go to this must-see performance.

Miss Saigon, is a beautiful love story where a Vietnamese girl named Kim falls in love with an American lieutenant, Chris. They cement their love with a night of passion and Chris, singing the epic song “Why, God, Why?” ask God why He made him fall in love with her. They cement their love at the Dreamland bar hold a wedding ceremony, and toast her, “Miss Saigon; the one who got an American soldier.

06-miss_saigon_tour_9_21_18_5953-r-photo-by-matthew-murphyTheir love seemed destined; however it’s torn apart by war, and Chris is swiped away after the American soldiers are forced to immediately leave after word has come that the Viet Cong, a National Liberation Front of a South Vietnam and Cambodia army will take over Saigon. Without being able to go back for Kim, Chris is devastated and mourns for her; however, Kim is determined to rejoin with Chris. She goes on an epic journey of survival for three years to find her way back to Chris, who has no idea he's fathered a son.

This Madame Butterfly story of a tragic tale of love and loss is truly the masterpiece of theater. Forced to abandon his overseas lover, this American thrown into a war the world will one day called one of the worst in American society, would find out that he left behind more than a wife, but a son! 

Miss Saigon features a cast of 42 performers featuring the legendary Broadway songs “The Heat is On in Saigon,” “The Movie in My Mind,” “Last Night of the World” and “American Dream.” The pun “spared no expense” seem to fit here at the Cadillac Palace Theatre. The stage setup which contained lite signs, real-life Vietnamese setting and even a car (half of a car) was astonishing and help sell the visible and emotional effect of the play. The real highlight was the evacuation scene where a helicopter flies in to take home its soldiers behind the gated embassy rooftop. Seeing the abandoned Vietnamese people scream for help is so surreal that it will bring out the emotions of any audience. 

Red Concepcion who has won several awards including Best Actor in a musical was purely marvelous, astounding the audience in his role as The Engineer. Emily Bautista (Kim) and Anthony Festa (Chris) captivate you with their love and loss. We saw many tissues and hankies glancing over the eyes of would-be theatergoers.   

Directed by Laurence Connor of School Of Rock, Unmasked, Les Miserables and now Miss Saigon teams up with the choreography 02-miss_saigon_tour_9_19_18_0436-r-photo-by-matthew-murphyfame from The Chorus Line, Dreamgirls and Ballroom who once dancing in Broadway plays such as West Side Story, Bob Avian, helps makes this new national tour of Mackintosh is a hit! 

Let's Play ‘Highly Recommends' seeing Miss Saigon at The Cadillac Palace Theatre. The cast includes:













Now – December 8, 2018, at The Cadillac Palace Theatre

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