A Christmas Carol

The Perfect Holiday Treat for The Family

acc19_03Charles Dickens probably didn't know when he wrote a delightful story in 1843 that he will be giving us the perfect holiday treat in the twenty-first century with his epic tale of "A Christmas Story,” a cheering story about Ebenezer Scrooge discovering redemption, kindness, and compassion.

It is within this story that has warmed the hearts of millions for over four decades, that it has become a tradition for anyone who enjoys sharing the Christmas spirit and a must see at The Goodman Theatre. To witness the transition that takes place with Ebenezer Scrooge who is paid a visit by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley, along with ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come is utterly riveting. It is from those visits that come throughout the night that Ebenezer is overwhelmed with joy to redeem himself and grateful that he can return to Christmas Day.

This must-see Chicago holiday play that consists of a 26 member cast is a tradition and a timeless piece that has given audiences; 1.5 million throughout 41 years with a holiday performance of joy and magical holiday treat for kids as well as adults.

A Christmas Carol is filled with topnotch performances, spirited songs, and dance numbers, amazing sets, eye-popping effects, and gorgeous costumes. However, it offers much more, like the poignant message about empathy, the treatment of the less fortunate and the amazing transformation of a selfish man redeeming love is priceless.

acc19_01Larry Yando masterfully plays the role of Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge, which is his tenth time playing this horrid and unsympathetic character. Yando has this role down to perfection, and it's a Christmas wish list to see him; it's a pure pleasure to watch. Yando infuses his magic within the Scrooge character with his charismatic wit, being an old miser, to a charming person by the end of the play. Yando is very convincing and is a joy for Christmas theater.

Jasmine Bracey who played the part of The Ghost of Christmas Present made her Goodman debut and was just as amazing. She ruled the stage with her feistiness, and the interchange between her and Yando was genuinely believable. The cast of young performers such as Maya Reyna, Ariana Burks, Maggie Chong, Henry Lombardo, Nelson Simmons, was adorable.

acc19_09Last year Goodman switched some things up to enrich the play by introducing us to the first girl ever to represent such an important role as the courageous cripple Tiny Tim Cratchit played by Paris Strickland. Paris was born with stage 3 neuroblastoma a rare cancerous tumor that begins in nerve tissue of infants and very young children.

"Tiny Tim had a challenge in his life too, so we have a little connection there," she quotes.  This is the second season at Goodman Theatre that Paris played the courageous cripple boy Tim Cratchit. Strickland was utterly realistic and true to life as the loveable son of Bob Cratchit. Paris was adorable and played the part without flaw, even displaying the limp of Tiny Tim. 

Another gender swap was made by changing Scrooge's nephew, Fred to his niece Frida,  Ali Burch returned for her second season as the lovable character. These changes are noticeable, but it doesn't replace the overall greatness of the play.

"Bah-humbug," you can never get enough of this line made famous by Ebenezer Scrooge; however, there was no displeasure in this spectacular production. A Christmas Carol is a tradition, and it is much more than a holiday performance; it's a heartwarming and endearing story about how family love can conquer all; even in the mean Scrooges of the world.

Let’s Play highly recommend the perfect holiday treat for the familyA Christmas Carol’ where you can partake in a longstanding joyful tradition during the holiday season!

"God bless us all!"

Goodman Theatre Presents
A Christmas Carol (41st annual production)

By Charles Dickens

Adapted by Tom Creamer
Directed by Henry Wishcamper
November 17 – December 30, 2017, in the Albert Theatre

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