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‘Waistwatchers The Musical' is a girls night out filled with fun that features a ton of laughs that only a woman can truly appreciate. It's been touring around the country since 2013 and is now at The Royal George Theatre. This non-stop fun feast is geared toward the audience having a good time, and the cast interacts with the crowd.

‘Written by Playwright Alan Jacobson and produced by Dana Mattow this play features the 'Queen of Disco,' the two-time Grammy Nominee, Multi-Gold, and Platinum recording artist, Martha Wash, best known as one half of the group in The Weather Girls with such hits as 'It's Raining Men' and 'Everybody Dance Now!"

The MC of the night is Katherine S. Barnes who is dressed in over the top costumes throughout the show and is hilarious and infectious! She knows how to pump up the crowd for this lighthearted show with gags and surprises.

Waistwatchers takes a look at women dealing with their relationship to food, friendship, and fitness while celebrating the transformative power of female companionship on the journey to self-acceptance.

Set in Cook’s Women’s Gym four women battle their body issues while bonding over their personal lives. It’s a highly energetic play that seeks to get its audience to laugh out loud and to sing along with the girls as they sweat it out trying to keep up with their instructor.

The characters in this play may remind you of yourself or your BFF.

There's Connie (Martha Wash) hitting the gym for the first time to feel sexy again and Carla (Kiley L. McDonald) the gym instructor who works out hard so that she can sip Pinot Grigio, eat more chocolate and not skip dessert. Along with Cheryl (Krissy Johnson) who works out to relieve stress from work to stay looking good but who realizes a life-changing surprise awaits her and lastly, Cindy who is hitting the gym because she's recently divorced and is ready for a more challenging workout because she's ready to mingle because she's single.

‘Waistwatchers The Musical’ is all about support and is mainly geared towards women! It is indeed a play about women evolving who function best around good friends and laughter, but it comes with a message to accept who you are and your body. If you want to make changes, go ahead, do it, girlfriend!  After all, it's your body!

Let's Play ‘Recommend' that you grab your girlfriends for a silly night of fun where you will leave feeling good about yourself from a workout that celebrates friendships and women of all sizes, shapes, religion, and color.

The cast includes:


Martha Wash (Connie)

Katherine S. Barnes (MC)

Krissy Johnson (Cheryl)

Sarah Godwin (Cindy)

Kiley L. McDonald (Carla)


WaistWatchers: The Musical

Produced by Dana Mattow

Created by Alan Jacobson

Book & Lyrics by Alan Jacobson

Music by Vince Dimura

Directed by Matt Silva

Choreographer: Dani Tucci-Juraga

Starring Martha Wash

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