Existing In Two Realms at the Same Time

Courtney Mack (left) as Molly and Garrett Lutz as Sam in Theatre at the Center's production of "Ghost the Musical" in Munster, Ind., Tuesday, July 31, 2018. Photo by Guy Rhodes

It was 1990 when the world was introduced to the romantic fantasy thriller ‘GHOST’ written by Bruce Joel Rubin and directed by Jerry Zucker. The movie starred Patrick Swayze as Sam, Demi Moore as Molly, and Whoopi Goldberg as Oda Mae.

'Ghost The Musical' which is now playing in Munster, IN at Theatre at the Center is the afterlife love story brought to the stage with some highly talented actors. This timeless love story went on to become the highest grossing movie in 1990 raking in 505.7 million dollars at the box office on a budget of $22 million so taking on the challenge to do this rare beauty could haunt you forever, however; TATC takes on this romantic thriller and delivers.

Set in New York City in modern-day Sam Wheat (Garrett Lutz ) a banker and his girlfriend Molly Jensen (Courtney Mack ), a talented potter renovates and moves into an apartment in Manhattan with the help of Sam’s good friend and co-worker Carl Bruner (Tony Carter). Sam discovers some discrepancies in some bank accounts and confides in Carl. Carl offers to look into it, but Sam decides to investigate the situation himself.

After a beautiful night out with Molly, they are attacked by an armed thug (Carlos Olmedo) who shoots and kill Sam in a brawl before he steals his wallet. Sam sees Molly crying over his body and discovers he is now a ghost whose presence cannot be seen or heard; becoming invisible and unable to interact with the mortal world. Sam, who isn't convinced he died, is transitioning between this world and the next, he needs to save Molly from the man that murdered him; so he must enlist the help of a very important yet reluctant physic by the name of Oda Mae Brown.

ghost-bDirector Linda Fortunato does an excellent job taking us between the two worlds, by bringing this story into life with a delightful and funny cast. Fortunato did a great job with a simple stage, showing how each spirit stayed behind with sudden turning off and on lights.  

Garrett Lutz and Courtney Mack make for a lovely and adorable couple, and they make you believe they are in love. You root for them to the point that even though you know how the story ends, you wish it would change just to see them walk away hand and hand in love.

The star of the show, however, goes to Donica Lynn. Donica performance as Oda Mae was Jeff Award quality. She brings a mixture of horror and exceptional humor to the role of Oda Mae that was simply phenomenal. She stole the show with her quick-witted character with one of the best scenes in the play involving her she closing a bank account under the name of Rita Miller. This scene was simply hilarious.

Ghost works because of its excellent directing and cast. It delivers with non-stop action and provides a fun night of theater where you root for love all the way to the end. “DITTO!”

Let’s Play ‘Highly Recommend’ that you see this musical; it's just in time for Halloween; especially if you like ghost stories!    ghost-e  

The cast includes:

Tony Carter (Carl)

Christie Coran (Mrs. Santiago, Wallace, ensemble)

Jackie Gessert (Clara, Bank Officer, ensemble)

Garrett Lutz (Sam)

Donica Lynn (Oda Mae)

Courtney Mack (Molly)

Qiana McNary (Louise, Susan, Ortisha, ensemble)

Carlos Olmedo (Willie, Ensemble)

Kelvin Roston Jr, (Hospital Ghost. Orlando, Furgeson, ensemble)

Travis Austin Wright (Subway Ghost, Minister, Detective, ensemble)

Theatre at the Center Presents

Ghost The Musical

Books & Lyrics by Bruce Joel Rubin

Music & Lyrics by Dave Stewart & Glen Ballard

Musical Direction by William Underwood

Directed and Choreographed by Linda Fortunato

Sept 13 – Oct 14




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