goldengirlsvol2-1Aah, what a way to kick off the summer by seeing the critically acclaimed television show The Golden Girls performed on stage. Who can resist watching the sitcom reruns with the iconic sing-a-long song “Thank You for being a Friend?”  The show that was created by Susan Harris aired seven seasons with a remarkable cast of stars.  

The show revolved around four older single women (three widows and one divorcée) sharing a house in Miami, Florida. Beatrice Arthur (Dorothy Zbornak), Betty White (Rose Nylund), Rue McClanahan (Blanche Devereaux) and Estelle Getty (Sophia).

At some point, these four retirees would gather around the kitchen table and discuss everything from their stories of friendship, relationships, family, and problems; often late at night while eating cheesecake or some other dessert in the kitchen.

Director Becca Holloway allows us to pick up long after the last show was aired on television in 1992 with THE GOLDEN GIRLS – THE LOST EPISODES, Vol 2. Becca takes this classic television show that stood the test of time and adds new stories with a twist that will have you looking closely at how wonderfully these ladies aged while laughing hysterically at their never-ending camaraderie with one another.

PICTURE IT…we’re back in Miami FL where we embark upon some new episodes where scheming chaos is forever present when thegoldengirlsvol2-3 intimidating and very sarcastic 

Dorothy (David Cerda), the sweet but scatter-brained Rose (Ed Jones) and man-hungry Blanche (Grant Drager) are all nominated for Women of the Year by the Miami Women’s Auxiliary League. Yes, you read those names correctly!

However, the mayhem doesn’t stop there when Sophia Petrillo the feisty matron of the show played by Adrian Hadlock mysterious part-time job leaves her tired and the girls speechless will have you unrestrainedly amused. We must say Adrian embodies the gun-toting in the purse Sophia quick-witted demeanor and comedic timing throughout the show to perfection.      

The chaotic disorder continues when Rose relationship with her boyfriend Miles (Michael Rashid) is taken to a new level of interest, and her past comes to haunt her from St. Olaf, Minnesota not only is shocking to her but the girls as well!  

This 90-minute production of ‘The Golden Girls: Vol 2: The Lost Episodes takes you back in time to the 80s, with the collaboration of four women living under one roof. Sophia stories about Sicily, her cooking, and her acid-dipped wit and Rose rambling, nonsensical stories about her hometown are golden. Sex-crazed promiscuous Blanche, who loves to be the center of attention with the opposite sex and lastly the smartest and the most grounded of the women Dorothy who was often called manly and odd by her housemates due to her height and deep voice was hilarious. This mockery will have you anticipating Vol. 3

goldengirlsvol2-6The Handbag parody was an overall fun night of audience participation in the theatre where how much knowledge you know about the Golden Girls can earn you a prize during intermission and quick breaks with trivia questions.

We recommend for those die-hard Golden Girl fans that you catch the same insane fun seen on classic TV and watch as these four notorious women work out their problems together on stage in the kitchen eating …you guessed it…CHEESECAKE! 

The cast includes:

David Cerda (Dorothy)

Grant Drager (Blanche)

Adrian Hadlock (Sophia)

Ed Jones (Rose)

Chazie Bly (Jazzy Jeff/Agnes/Lily)

Michael Rashid (Miles/Esther/Heidi)

Michael S. Miller (Emcee/Pamela/Hans)


Hell in a Handbag Productions Presents

THE GOLDEN GIRLS: The Lost Episodes, Vol. 2

By Artistic Director David Cerda

Directed by Becca Holloway

June 19 – September 7, 2018, at Mary's Attic


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