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Directed by artist Monty Cole, Hamlet is a play where after the death of his father, a young African-American man named Hamlet returns home to grieve and seek revenge. Fighting against the injustice of his father's murder and the powers that want him out of the picture, Hamlet quickly loses control and sanity.

Mely described entering the theater; you got the sense of a spooky traffic theme. It was dark; however, light was beaming on an actor already on the stage. As we sat down and saw this actor, we were wondering why he was already on the stage? His presence immediately made us intrigued.

Cole's Hamlet is not about madness but how do you live with anguish, misery and the ways of dealing with unhappiness within the soul of a man. Mely's view from the audience tells us Horacio was dressed in typical modern hipster clothing while enjoying a six pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and talking on a cell phone. Thinking that it was odd to have a teenager in modern day clothing acting in a Shakespeare story, however, right away I was interested and captivated with this youthful infusion. The humor was excellent, and the hip-hop music and clothing were refreshing and brought a current day feel to the play.

hamlet-2The acting of Daniel Kyri was terrific as Hamlet, and he did a fantastic job getting into character. It was also interesting to see the play with a diverse cast because when you envision Hamlet in your mind, you already have a perception of what the characters should look like. The only thing I would mention was Hamlet's white pants were too tight at a certain point revealed a little too much.

Netta Walker, as Hamlet's girlfriend, who sung and gave us great emotion was amazing. Walker's emotions can be seen in a scene where she found out her father dies; you can feel her anguish. Her ability to make you feel her loss when she goes mad; helps you sympathize with her.

We also enjoyed the ending of the play where every character would appear as a masked ghost when they perished in the play. This was a traumatic and chaotic story; however, I believe adding hip-hop and tragedy was exciting and made the tragic story enjoyable.

I highly recommend this play.

It was modern and relatable to present day. The comedy and hip-hop were engaging, and the acting was phenomenal.



Written By: William Shakespeare

Directed By: Guest Artist Monty Cole

Now Playing - July 29, 2018

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