The Intersections Where Lives Intertwine


Chicago is known for its beautiful skyline which showcases towering skyscrapers and its diverse neighborhoods of people building a strong community. It is also known for its high crime rates within those different sections within the city. One particular area in Northwest Chicago called Six Corners is the focused location where a horrific violent crime takes place that unearthed a relic of bigotry and injustice stretching back for years.   

Emmy Award nominee Keith Huff (Broadway's A Steady Rain) and directed by Gary Griffin (Broadway's The Color Purple) takes us on a mysterious passage through time with his third in loose Chicago cop trilogy "Six Corners."

Inspired by real-life events we get to see two burnt-out violet crimes unit detectives Bernadette Perez (Monica Orozco) and Nick Moroni (Peter DeFaria) grappling with trying to start an affair and working together to solve a puzzling murder of a CTA employee that took place at the Western Brown Line CTA station.defaria-orozco-buckley

What should be an open shut case, progresses into a long night of its own horror story when two people Carter Hutch (Manny Buckley) and Amanda Brackett (Brenda Barrie) show up at their police station covered in blood?  

Director Gary Griffin navigates Six Corners on an intrinsic path to tell this mysterious crime of the past through flashback scenes. In doing so, the story continues to unfold at the busy intersection in the Portage Park neighborhood, which was once known as an urban center with nearly 150 stores in the Six Corners district.

The alleged crime takes place at a bus stop location where we meet Carter and Amanda's daughter Katie Yates (Lyric Sims); a little girl who last saw her mother near a Sears shopping store. While keeping hope that her mother will find her, she seeks comfort from a stranger with a criminal past by the name of BJ Lyles (Byron Glenn Willis).  Sadly, Katie was never found alive by her parents and with her life being tragically cut short; the police try to place the crime on BJ Lyles.  

Lyric's parents are shaken to the core after their daughter's horrific murder; which leads them to get a divorce. They were surprisingly brought back together when BJ Lyles comes into the workplace of Amanda's. When Amanda sees the man that she believes killed their daughter in the Golden Nugget restaurant they collude to take matters into their own hands.   


Huff showcases a police procedural of speaking with witnesses that convincingly stay one step ahead of the audience with brusque and perceptive dialogue that engages us to follow three cases with two of them intertwining with the detectives. Moroni who was involved in a previous coverup is looking to push another report under the rug, however; Perez his partner is not entirely on board.

It is within these intersections at Six Corners that your emotions and ethics are provoked to find the truth, and challenged you with the real meaning of justice. Huff asks the question "Is it the responsibility of cops to tell us the truth? Or should they mask danger and manufacture hope when there is no hope on the horizon?"

If you like a mystery, this is an entertaining roller-coaster ride that will make you question how you would react when a life is in your hands. We highly recommend American Blues Theater SIX CORNERS. 

Cast Includes:

Brenda Barrie (Amanda Brackett)

Manny Buckley (Carter Hutch)

Peter DeFaria (Nick Moroni)

Monica Orozco (Bernadette Perez)

Lyric Sims (Katie Yates)

Byron Glenn Willis (BJ Lyles)


American Blues Theater Presents The World Premiere of

Six Corners

Written by Keith Huff

Directed by Gary Griffin

February 16, 2018 – March 24, 2018


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