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"She The People: Girlfriends' Guide to Sisters Doing it for Themselves" is directed by Carly Heffernan and is written by Carisa Barreca, Marla Caceres, Carly Heffernan, Tien Tran and Lauren Walker. This powerful team of women is taking the lead of removing the stereotypical views of equality and shedding some light regarding how women are still not treated fairly and valued like their male counterparts. They are doing this by an invasion of women taking center stage using comedy to reclaim their egalitarianism through liberty and the pursuit of hilariousness.

The women of The Second City are taking us on a joy ride with mimosas on hand, fueled with considerable laughter as they roast the patriarchy (the government) which seems to be trying to keep women living in the Middle Ages!    

"I Am Woman Hear Me Roar" is the mission of this all-woman play that discusses some serious topics from a smorgasbord of feminist's issues that women are dealing with today. This form of witty, sarcastic comedic entertainment is relevant now more than ever because it reflects upon real situations that women face trying to fight against sexism, discrimination and the lack of respect. 

"She The People" allows the audience to connect with the issues these (And All) women face every day while delivering a political and social message through comedy.

26903755_171584273452794_6208870300567799077_nThe play shares a perspective of issues from reproductive rights to under-representation in most major industries to the everyday attack they endure from misogynists' men. How the unfair and unrealistic beauty expectations only women had to meet to the old ideas on femininity to mansplaining in the media. 

To witness these personal, problematic issues performed on stage, up close and to see the intuitive encounters come to life on the stage with humor is ingenious, and encouraging. A sense of pride for women to speak out loud and say to the men of this world that this is "Something You Should Know" is such liberating!

This two-act sketch gives a great mix of smart, silly and straight up sexy comedy with six very talented actresses. "Girlfriends' Guide to Sisters Doing it for Themselves" will have you laughing out loud as they tackle women concerns with wit and unstoppable humor.

"She The People" is delightfully amusing and facetiously entertaining with timely sketches of women shown in television commercials advertising everything from deodorant to medicine to fibromyalgia. Let's hear it for American women trying to balance family, career, and cocktails amid today's politically-challenged climate.

katie-caussin-maria-randazzo-alex-bellisle-1"Let's Play" recommend this side-splitting, girls just want to have fun comedic show that will make you unleash the power of merriment. So, grab your mothers, sisters, girlfriends, aunts, nieces, cousins, co-workers and come out and celebrate the freedom to laugh out loud at a place where it's safe to take off your pants…literally! And yes MEN you are allowed to join in on the fun.

The cast includes:

Carisa Barreca

Alex Bellisle

Katie Caussin

Maria Randazzo

Alexis J. Roston

Kimberly Michelle Vaughn


The Second City presents the return of

The Second City's She the People: Girlfriends' Guide to Sisters Doing it for Themselves

Written By: Carisa Barreca, Marla Caceres, Carly Heffernan, Tien Tran and Lauren Walker.

Directed By: Carly Heffernan

Musical direction by Mary Mahoney 

January 11 – April 1, 2018

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