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Hamilton the musical came to Chicago October 19th, last year and it was the rave hit for anyone who was waiting to see it; however, getting tickets was almost impossible. This musical provides the joy of music and history to scores of theatergoers but most of the people that need to view this amazing musical are unable to get a ticket. This is when the kindness on Broadway in Chicago partnering with multiple foundations which include The Rockefeller Foundation, that provided a grant of more than 1.46 million to fund the educational program; helps thousands of high school students enjoy the brilliance of theater.

Hamilton is in its 2nd year of celebrating its education program where the students from several Chicagoland schools perform their original work at CIBC Theatre. After spending weeks in their respective classrooms studying American History via a socially integrated curriculum, they are able to create and sing songs, rap, perform poetry and do monologues; and the prize for all of this hard work is that their schools are given the chance to see a matinee performance of the musical Hamilton.

I got a chance to witness these remarkable students and their performances and all I can say is that Chicago can be proud of its future. Their free spirit of pride for their schools and excitement to share their gifts was a refreshing treat given the negative reality is shown on the daily news. No rivalry just pure euphoria and a thrill that makes you dream of past high school fun.   

Hamilton's education program (HEP) is offering 10 of these all student matinee performances to around 20,000 students and yesterday was the second performance. It's wonderful to see the future of Chicago shining above the clouds of negativity. Good Work HEP! 

Rick McCain

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