Collective Psychosis 

20248453_1522802317784155_5422271240965554099_oImagine that illusory transformations, metamorphosis, monstrosity, and humanism have been pronounced dead. The world is mundane and history has sadly repeated itself. Reality has been thrown out the window and the morality of mankind has vanished.

Has the world gone mad? As we live today with all of the chaos, it certainly seems like the madness is growing to a point of insanity. Trying not to surrender to the pandemonium that surrounds us can take us to the depths of reality; especially when so many things that are not normally accepted, becomes the normalcy of our existence. Metaphorically speaking, what can we say in a world where so many people are making comments but few are actually practicing what they articulate verbally.  

Playwright Eugene Ionesco uses the metaphor of a rhinoceros in his play to describe the havoc that is wreaking its ugly head such as looming political philosophies, populace mentality, and self-righteousness beliefs in the face of an oppressive takeover.

‘RHINOCEROS’ is set in a town square of a small provincial French village where a delusionary businessman and his well-known family try to recruit the people within their town to join them on their destructive stampede of obliteration of their town.

This dark comedy that was written in 1959 still resonates today and although there are no real rhinoceros stampeding our streets; there are many (rhinoceros) seeking to gain a hostile takeover masquerading as a social movement. The catastrophic incidents that caused a Charlottesville tragedy in which they tried to normalize bigotry and hatred as patriotism is only a small hint of things to come if we don’t change our premeditated thought process.    

Satire on Racism

In the opening scene, a rhinoceros rampages across the square startling the people within a restaurant. Director Aaron Henrickson shows the satire on racism in the first act regarding a debate between the species of Rhinoceros’s after the second siting of the rhinoceros when it kills a cat. A heated argument abrupt over the particular breed of the rhinoceros by discussing the superiority of African vs. Asian rhinoceros by their number of horns; this metaphor is a symbol of how people judge other people by the color of their skin.  

This example in Rhinoceros shows how Playwright Ionesco expresses his true feelings about how the inhuman totalitarian tendencies in society have broadened significantly. This judicious dark comedy depicts the struggle of one man Berenger (Andy Blaustein) trying to maintain his identity and integrity in a world where the rest of the town members have succumbed to the brutality of pugnacity.

We recommend seeing this play with an open mind towards who we are today and what we desperately need to transform into so we can assure that future generations don’t repeat being rhinoceros.

The Cast Includes:

Eclectic Company member Andy Blaustein (Berenger), Justin Tstsa (Jean), Anna Donnell (Grocer’s Wife/Mrs. Beof), David Servillo (Proprietor/Old Man), Melissa Reeves (Ms. Papillon/Ensemble), Nicola Rinow (Daisy), Joshua Paul Seeger (Old Gentleman/Musician), Chris Fowler (Dudard/Waiter), Michael C. Hyatt (Grocer/Fireman), Jennifer L. Mickelson (Logician/Old Woman), Elliot Plowman (Botard/Cook), and Margo Chervony (Housewife/Ensemble).

Eclectic Full Contact Theatre and THEatre HEIST Present Eugene Ionesco’s

August 28, 2017 - September 16, 2017

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