What to do when you feel a blog post coming on...

There you are. Maybe you're driving home after a long day.... or you're talking to a friend... or you're rethinking you're healthcare plan, when *it* sets in... this nagging feeling. It's slightly irritating at first. You think it might just be a tweet... or a Facebook status update. So you brush it off. But it persists.

You take preventative measures: You update your social media. You take your Vitamin-C. You watch bad TV (a known blog suppressant). And you go to bed early.

But then, sometime during the night, the infection sets in and your head is completely congested.

Your harmless update has evolved into a full blown blog post.to-do

Inevitably, this happens right at the time when you've put off everything else and have a literal ton of more important things to do.

Try as you might, there's no getting out from under this now. Like a virus, you have to just to ride it out.

So you prepare. You drink plenty of fluids. You stock up on snacks and pull on your comfiest sweatpants (or pajamas).  You ready your nest (most likely your sofa, bed, or the one comfy chair at the corner coffee shop). If you're nice, you warn your family  - "You're on your own today, kids! Mommy's got a blog post to write."

Ideally, you've let everything stew to just the right consistency so that it comes flowing right out of you from head to fingertips. But, more often, you're not properly hydrated and your chi is blocked. You're stuck coughing and sputtering and spitting out gunk that you just as quickly erase. You're left scrambling for words and using leftover images. And then you have to go to the store because you ran out of licorice.

And just when you think you're done you find a typo here... and misplaced comma there... and you've used the word 'utilized' eight times in one paragraph. You make some more coffee, grab a Twizzler, and go through one... final... revision.

Halfway thru the fifth 'final revision', you throw your hands up, decide it's good enough. You hit 'Publish' and go to bed.

After a restless night you awaken, having had nightmares about rewriting a post so many times that what started out as an ode to grass-fed butter ended up being a diatribe about the downfall of margarine. And lo and behold you sign-on to see that your latest post,"Buttering up to America's Margarine Farmer", is being featured at the top of the blog website. You already have hundreds of views and ten comments - it's too late to delete it. As you read the comments through your butterfingers you finally exhale, realizing that your well-intentioned, half-hazardly researched, sugar-fueled final revision was taken as satire and your creativity is being lauded.

Whew. Thank god that is over.

You relax back into your comfortable life, tweeting and Facebooking while you can. Until the next nagging idea becomes infected and you're stuck nursing another blog.


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