An invitation to move more: the MOVEmber MOVEment

I feel inspired to improve myself in the month of November. So instead of 'No-Shave-November' I am doing my own MOVEmber, where instead of growing a mustache (which I can totally do without trying (thanks hormones!)) I am going to focus on MOVEment

While diet is super important, I think it is equally important to MOVE our bodies. As someone who struggles with autoimmune issues, I know that the most basic movements can be completely taken for granted. And it's easier than we realize to lose the ability to move, especially as we grow older. 

So I am going to focus on moving more, increasing the range and quality of my movement, trying new ways to move, and really appreciating the incredible ways the body can move.

Join me in vowing to MOVE MORE this November! Join the MOVEmberMOVEment on Facebook at


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