It's our 21st anniversary, and all I got for my husband is this lousy blog post.

The blog post should really be the new traditional anniversary gift for 21 years of marriage. Brass will tarnish. And nickel needs to be cleaned and cared for (I assume). But blog posts last forever and require no care or maintenance!

This post is for you, mi amor. No wrapping. No ribbons or bows. Just a few words to commemorate our last 21 years together.


Here's to my husband, who has been with me through thick and thin... in sickness and in health... through the deaths of both our mothers... through job loss, medicaid, food stamps, and the threat of foreclosure... through more than 30 marathons (including 1/2 that we ran together)... through countless heartbreaking Cubs losses, and one incredible World Series Championship... through 9/11... Newtown... Orlando... and Las Vegas... through Katrina, Harvey, and Maria...

From you, our three children have learned respect... loyalty... and an incredible work ethic. You have never had it easy, yet you never complain. You show them how to really get the zest out of life.

You are stubborn as hell. And thank god for that. We never would have lasted this long otherwise.

So Happy Anniversary, amor mio!

- from your loving wife

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