Don't Piss Off a Cop. Part 3 - The Dramatic Conclusion!!!

Here is a brief review of everything thus far. After two months of attempting to pay The Ticket (which quickly went from $50 to $240 and then, briefly, to $325), and trying to figure out how to resolve what seemed to be a simple mistake… after taking a day off only to end up in a... Read more »

Don't Piss Off a Cop: Part 2.5 - What we know. And what we don't know. With Pictures!

The Ticket. Issued April 1, 2017.
The badly written ticket. The attempt to pay. Here’s what we know. And what we don’t know is everything else… Click here for Part 3 and the exciting conclusion of Don’t Piss Off a Cop!

Don't Piss Off a Cop. Part 2 - Follow the directions word-for-word. Or else.

So… you pissed off a cop, got a badly written ticket, couldn’t pay it, couldn’t attend the hearing, and all that jazz… Now you’ve received a nasty letter telling you that because you didn’t pay the ticket, or attend the hearing, a default judgement has been entered against you in the amount of $240. A... Read more »

Don't Piss Off a Cop. Part 1 - So you got a ticket. Just pay it and be done. Right? Not. So. Fast.

When  you’re waiting on your bike to cross a busy street by the lakefront, and a police car makes an illegal right on red just as you get the ‘Walk’ sign… don’t say anything. Certainly don’t yell, “Jerk!” and raise your hand. Because the cop will pull over and yell at you for riding on the... Read more »

I let down my kid today

It’s AP exam time and my child had an 8:00 am exam this morning at Alumni Hall at Northeastern Illinois University. No big deal. NEIU is actually closer to our house than her school, Northside College Prep. I used to work at the place. I know exactly where she needs to go. BUT we’re running... Read more »

An insecure post on confidence and lack thereof

I struggle with crippling insecurity. It may surprise a few people to know it. At least in my mind, I think people would be surprised. Because generally, when I’m around people, I know how to act like a person who has their shit together. But really… my shit isn’t together at all. My shit is... Read more »

Sometimes a birthday is a present in itself

My husband turns 47 today. And if he hadn’t taken too much blood pressure medication last September he might not have been here to see it. Apparently my husband was on the receiving end of some bad genes. That and his stubbornness against seeing a doctor regularly (because he never gets sick) contributed to him having... Read more »

Beware of supporting causes advertised by celebrities wearing t-shirts on Facebook

Have you seen the photos and adverts on Facebook showing celebrities wearing a t-shirt to promote a cause? This is something that has bothered me recently. My Facebook timeline seems to be full of these posts. And the pictures are so often badly photoshopped. This morning I happened upon a picture of Tom Hanks wearing a March... Read more »

Adventures in grieving

Since my mother’s passing a couple months ago, I have been riding the roller coaster of grief. It’s my first time on this particular ride and I gotta say, I’m not a big fan. Maybe it would have helped had I been prepared? Or had I not been through a hell of a year leading... Read more »

My family's worst year: a timeline

I’ve tried writing about this properly, but it ends up being as long and dark as it was to live through. As a mother, wife, and daughter once is enough.   Our family went through a lot this past year. Here’s a timeline of the events: 2/2/16 — After having to wait three months to get in... Read more »