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Crimson Lounge's "White Party" Recap

  The handsome K-Dock men, (L) David Dodd, Tee Lam, Rannon Harris, Tony Williams and Kean Ray, pose with the “angels” of the White party. K-Dock’s first event Saturday night at the Crimson Lounge proved to be a huge success. Hundreds of Chicagoans, and out of towners – more than 500 people – showed up to... Read more »

Chicago's "White Party" Event

Here’s a great event where you can have fun and give back to the community.  The K Dock Team, a media group in Chicago ran by five very impressive gay men, is partnering up with Vital Bridges, an organization that helps people throughout the Chicagoland area that are impacted by HIV/AIDS to improve their health... Read more »